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When it comes to gift giving, it only makes sense that when you put so much time and attention into finding the perfect gift that you would put the same energy into make the wrapping look good.  Really, when it comes to gifts, the presentation is just as important!  I love giving gifts with beautiful wrapping paper and big bows.  I think it makes the opening process so much fun because you feel like you are working with a beautiful work of art.  At expressionables, Christmas wrapping paper has never been so unique!  Create your own wrapping paper for Christmas using your favorite photos, pictures, and custom greetings.  Christmas wrapping paper roll size is 19.75″ x 76.75″.
Ever since I had my first child, when I would go to a baby shower I would save pieces of the wrapping paper to put away in my childs baby box to help remember the event.  With expressionables wrapping paper, i’m sure that this wrapping paper will be the kind that will be cherished and saved.  I think that it is absolutely adorable wrapping paper that will be so appreciated by the gift receiver.  To me, I think that I will use the wrapping paper to send presents to grandparents.  I know they will love having their presents wrapped with photos of their granddaughter.  They will love the wrapping paper as much as the gift.  In all honestly, the wrapping paper really because a part of the gift as they save it as a keepsake.  You can put a personalized message and date on it, so when you pull it out down the road you can remember exactly when it is from.  
At expressionables, you have the option of buying personalized photo wrap for many holidays and occasions like Christmas, birthdays, graduation, weddings, baby and more.  I think that this is such a fun way to customize and make your wrapping paper more personal.  Here is the wrapping paper I chose.  Isn’t it adorable!! 🙂

I was really impressed with the quality of the paper.  It is very thick and I was really surprised at how much wrapping paper I received.  One roll is enough to wrap three medium size gifts.  I think with the price, quality and adorableness that it is absolutely perfect to wrap your holiday gifts!  Whatever holiday you are wanting gift wrap for, expressionables has so many adorable options!  Here are some of my favorites: is dedicated to helping you and your family personalize and celebrates all of life’s special occsions.  Whether you are looking for gift wrap, invitations or photo cards, you can find lots of selection and great quality at