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I received an Epson LabelWorks Iron-on kit for review. All opinions are my own.

With four kids, we have accumulated our fair share of clothing and sports equipment. With winter fast approaching, the collection of coats, hats, and gloves are piling in our mudroom ready to be put to use. With so much to keep track of, there have been several times when we have misplaced a coat or jacket, lunch bag or other important article of clothing, and we were never able to track it down again. Although I used to write our children’s names on some items with permanent marker, it often bled through and looked messy. Our problems are now solved with this handy device – the Epson LabelWorks Iron-on printer.

This fantastic kit comes in a sturdy, molded plastic case, perfect for easily storing and protecting the printer and printing tapes. Included in the kit is one LW-300 printer that prints in black ink, a user’s manual, and two full length cartridges of tape in blue and white. Pink iron-on tape can be purchased separately if you are desiring that color. You will need to supply 6 AAA batteries.

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This label maker allows you to create labels in seconds that can be ironed on several types of fabrics including: cotton, linen, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and fabrics with a flat and smooth surface. The simple keypad provides amazing customization tools with features that allow you to create different looks and styles. These labels are perfect for all your fabric labeling needs – whether they be sports jerseys, camping supplies, personalizing homemade crafts or labeling clothing for those in nursing homes.

By following the simple step-by-step directions in the provided handbook, you are able to use the 14 fonts, 10 styles, over 75 frames and more than 300 fun symbol pictures to personalize each label. You can even print labels using two lines of text. To save you time, this device can store up to 30 of your favorite labels in your printer for those that you use often. The cut off margins are small so that not much tape is wasted at each turn. One of the greatest features of this LabelWorks Iron-on kit is that the labels adhere within seconds with the use of a hot iron. I love that the end result is extremely durable and can be washed in the washing machine or dry cleaned.

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To help my lost coats cause, I decided to try it out on my daughter’s jacket. I selected a fun frame with hearts and then typed in her name, selecting the font that I liked the best. I then hit the green print button and with the softest hum, the label appeared on the side of my printer. I then pushed the cutting button and it made a smooth sharp cut that released the label. It only took about 10 seconds of ironing for the label to adhere and it is really not going anywhere. I tried picking at it and seeing if it was loose at all, but it is firmly attached.

I also attached a label to my son’s book bag. He helped pick out the fun sports symbols and was very excited to have his name on his beloved Mario bag. I love that if ever he misplaces this bag, someone will know exactly who it belongs to.


I am a big fan of this Epson LabelWorks printer! I am already thinking of how I could personalize some Christmas gifts and other items in my home. I am also thrilled that with this printer I can also purchase other types of tape cartridges that will adhere to plastics, paper, and other surfaces and come in different finishes such as metallic, clear, glow-in-the-dark, and pearlized. The inner organizer in me is very excited!

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