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I love babies!  I think some of my happiest times in life are when my kids are first born.  They are so sweet and so perfect and so cuddly!  I think that little baby boys are wonderful, but there is something extra fun about shopping for a baby girl!  I know that you all agree with me!  There is something about pink and flowers and ruffles that is so addicting to spend money on!!  I was so excited when I got contacted to do a review for Elonka Nichole.  The product at Elonka Nichole is ADORABLE and were so perfectly girly.  I had the opportunity to review an Elonka Nichole Diaper bag and an Elonka Nichole Original Mimi blanket.

About the Diaper Bag

“Finally a diaper bag that offers stylish moms a chic option to those cartoon off the self bags. This messenger bag is handmade of 100% designer cotton prints. Two outside pockets for bottles and a cell phone. Four inside pockets for all sorts of baby goodies and large strap that will fit around your stroller handle.  Can also be used as a school bag or sleep over bag for fun nights with the girls or grandparents.”

Can I just say adorable? I am a huge lover of adorable fabric and at Elonka Nichole they definitely use such great, high quality fabric. Check out some of these adorable fabric choices:


black and white

retro rocket

teal and brown


round em up

pink and white

The options are so adorable for both boy or girl!!  
I chose to review the diaper bag in Carnival Bloom because I loved the color combination for a little girl.  The diaper bags are wonderful and are able to fit a lot into them.  The outside pockets are perfect for things that I need to get to more often like binks, cell phone and keys, where the four inside pockets fit everything that I could need for baby.  The straps are very comfortable which is very important to me.  I have used diaper bags in the past that have been very functional and cute but the straps weren’t comfortable so I quit using them.  I think comfort is most important in purchasing a new bag!  I highly recommend the Elonka Nichole diaper bag as being very comfortable, stylish and functional!

About the Original Mimi Blanket 

The Original Mimi is made of the best Minky Chenille fabric found on the market. 30×36 this blanket is perfect for day trips in the stroller or car seat. It is just the right size for comfort and convenience. Your baby will be using this for years to come. Every baby needs a blanket and this “Mimi” makes the perfect gift. Choose one of the color combinations shown here or customize according to your style and color desire.

Wow. Can I do a review with just one word? 🙂 This word completely sums up this blanket. Yes. Wow. When I first received this blanket I thought that we were going to have a problem. It is a perfectly wonderful baby blanket, but when I felt how amazingly soft this blanket was…I decided that maybe I should keep it for myself. 🙂 Although, that thinking didn’t last long because my 2 year old son came across it and realized how soft it was and decided that it was his!! He didn’t care at all that it was pink and brown. All he cared about was that it was amazingly soft and that made him want it himself. Well, my new baby, Lily finally won out in the end and has spent lots of time laying on her new Original Mimi Blanket on the ground! 🙂

I’m not kidding when I say this blanket is amazing. I don’t think I have ever felt fabric so soft. The blanket is made of high quality, soft fabric and constructed beautifully I think that this blanket would make a perfect baby shower gift. They have a huge selection of colors to meet everyones tastes for both boy and girl! I chose the pink and brown one. Aren’t these cute:

  • Camo and Brown
  • Camo and Hot Pink
  • Dark Blue and Orange
  • Hot Pink and Brown
  • Dark Blue and Hot Pink
  • Hot Pink and Turqoise
  • Jumbo Dot Blue and Brown
  • Jumbo Dot Hot Pink and Lime Green
  • Jumbo Dot Hot Pink and Brown
  • Light Blue and Brown
  • Light Blue and Dark Blue
  • Light Blue and Orange
  • Light Blue and Sage
  • White and Light Blue
  • Light Pink and Brown
  • Light Pink and Hot Pink
  • White and Light Pink
  • Paisley Multi Hot Pink and Lime Green
  • Paisley Hot Pink and Brown
  • Paisley Pink and White
  • Pony and Red
  • Red and Blue
  • Red and Brown
  • Sage and Brown
  • Sage and Hot Pink
  • Sage and Light Pink
  • White and Sage
  • Turqoise and Brown
  • Zebra and Hot Pink

I know you will love the Original Mimi blanket and I am so excited that it is machine washable!!  Babies are so hard on their blankets and clothes so this is very important.  You will love the style, designs, and fabrics of the Original Mimi!!  I love mine very much!  I was very impressed by both items that I received from Elonka Nichole and I am very excited to share this product with you because I really feel that it is great quality and style

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