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I received Elf Magic Elves for review.  All opinions are my own.

“This Christmas will be special; I’m so happy to be here,
I’ve watched you from afar and in my heart you’ve grown dear.
I made my way here with you as my guide,
I am here to love you, to play and to hide!”

Can I just say, that I am SO excited to share Elf Magic with you!  Over the next month, I will be sharing weekly posts with you about the fun and mischief of the Elf Magic elves in our home.  

To join in on the fun, you can purchase your kid their very own adorable Elf Magic Elf here

To the surprise of all, an Elf “Magically” appears at your home between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To include your kids on the fun, before your Elf arrives, have them write a letter to Santa asking him to reserve a special Elf to visit and spend Christmas at your home. Click on the letter below so you can print up a full size letter printable your child’s Santa letter.

My kids have been asking if we could have an Elf in our home during the holidays.  Their cousins have an Elf that visits them during Christmas and my kids wanted to have their own Elf.  We sat down as a family and wrote a letter to Santa asking if we could have a special Elf spend Christmas in our home. I scanned their letters in to save them before mailing them off to Santa.  Aren’t they cute:

My kids were SO excited to write their letters to Santa, and they have been talking about the Elves that they hope with be coming to visit our house. Hopefully Santa will grant them their wishes and deliver them Elf Magic Elves!  I guess they will find out on Friday!