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I love Back to School time.  There is always something special about getting new school supplies, finding out who your kids new teachers are, and starting a new year.  My kids love school. I miss them, but I am always happy knowing that they enjoying going to school.  Even though they love school, they all get nervous for the first day of school.  Here are 5 tips to making the First Day of School Perfect!

5 tips to making the First Day of School Perfect!


1.Prepare clothes the night before

The morning can quickly get stressful if you are having to run from thing to thing and need to get too many things done.  I find that if my kids lay out their clothes the night before, pack their lunch and do all the things that can be done early, then the morning goes smoothly and everyone is happier.  Kids are often nervous on the first day of school so it is helpful to make sure that this morning is as stress-free as possible.  Being prepared definitely reduces stress in everyone.

FirstDayofSchool2.Write them a personalized lunch note.

I have given my kids a handwritten note in their lunch the first day of school since they started going to school.  Mostly, because they wont let me forget!  It cracks me up because it really is so important to them.  My son keeps his first day of school note in the pocket of his lunchbox for the entire school year.  I love that it is special to them.  I know they are always nervous for the first day of school and a little note of encouragement during lunch can help their day be better.


3. Eat a good breakfast

They always say it.  Breakfast is the most important time of the day.  I believe this to be true.  The days that I skip breakfast or don’t have a good breakfast are the days that I am more tired and have less motivation to get things done.  Having a good breakfast on the first day of school (and everyday) is so important because it will give them the energy needed to get through the day.  My kids are used to summer lazy days and a full day of school takes a lot out of them.  Eating a good breakfast helps them to stay alert and happy in their classes.  A protein rich breakfast is important to fill kids up right and fuel them for classroom success.  


This year for back to school, I chose to feed my kids El Monterey Breakfast burritos.  They are a hearty and delicious choice and are packed with real hearty ingredients like eggs, cheese, and sausage all wrapped in a fresh-baked tortilla.  There are many reasons that El Monterey Breakfast burritos were my First Day of School breakfast of choice.  First, because my kids would get the need protein rich breakfast for long lasting energy.  Secondly, because they are delicious and full of flavor.  Lastly, because they are fast and easy to prepare.  The first day of school is often busy and I don’t have time to cook anything so I love the convenience and ease of the El Monterey Breakfast burritos.


With the delicious options of Egg & Sausage, Egg & Bacon and Jalapeno, Egg & Cheese breakfast burrito flavors, everyone is able to find one that they love!  (mine favorite is the Jalapeno, Egg & Cheese)

BacktoSchoolPictures4.First day of school photos

I love this part of Back to School.  My kids may not as much, but I love having their first day of school documented so we can remember what they wore, how big they are and the nervous/excited smiles!  I love to take individual pictures of them as well as one of them all together. Each year, I look back at the previous year pictures and I am able to see how much they have grown.  It really is a treasure!


5.Walk kids to school

I know not everyone can walk or drive their kids to school but this is so special to me.  I love holding their hands when I walk them to their new classroom.  I love helping them find their new desk and fill it with their school supplies.  I love seeing their nervous smile as I wave goodbye, knowing that they will be okay but still feeling sad and missing them.


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