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EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer

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I received an EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer for review.  All opinions are my own.

I have used EatSmart products in the past so when I was asked to do a review of their Precision Elite Food Thermometer I was confident that I would be receiving a quality product.  I love summertime.  One of our favorite things to do during the summer is entertain.  We invite over family and friends and throw a backyard bbq.  This is a fun time to enjoy the outdoors, have fun conversation and eat delicious food. And when I mean delicious food, I mean DELICIOUS food.  My husband is a master of the grill and he always surprises us with a feast of chicken, ribs, steak, burgers and more.  It is always very delicious.


Previously to working with EatSmart, we had gone through way too many food thermometers.  Either they were inaccurate, broke after three uses or just were way to hard to use.  This has always been a source of frustration for my husband because he wanted to make perfectly cooked food.  With the EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer you get perfectly cooked food and a very happy chef!


The EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer is available for purchase at Amazon.  If you have Prime shipping, this means you can have it on your doorstop and ready for the next BBQ in two days! I highly recommend heading over to order it because not only is it accurate, it has 3 second response time, has small probes to reduce puncture holes, is very durable and is super easy to use! Not only does my husband use it when he is outside grilling, but it is perfect for indoor use, too!


When you open your box, you will find that your EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer comes ready to use with batteries and a handy storage case.  I love that it comes with a storage case because it makes ready to go at anytime.  This makes it convenient for not only outdoor storage, but for traveling. We love to go camping or staying in cabins and we can easily bring along the EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer and we know that the case will protect it.  We recently stayed in a cabin in Southern Utah and our Food Thermometer came along so we could have perfectly cooked chicken for dinner!  🙂


We had delicious, perfectly cooked food every time!  The accuracy makes it so convenient and stress-free because you know your food with be fully cooked.  How is this accomplished?  “The proprietary thermocouple sensor registers an extremely accurate internal food temperature.  The accuracy of the thermocouple translates into food grilled/baked to perfection!” 🙂


Remember above how I said it was easy to use, it really doesn’t get easier than this.  Note, the photo above has a sticker over it so the screen is blank and the thermometer is turned off.  How do you turn it on? Simply by unfolding the probe the thermometer turns on.  Stick thermometer in meat and 3 seconds later you have an accurate temperature.  Seriously doesn’t get easier than that!  The Precision Elite Thermometer features a convenient illuminated bright blue back light which makes it easy to read with lower light conditions.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the EatSmart Precision Elite Food Thermometer on Amazon.  This product retails for $49.95 and includes a 2 year warranty.

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