Easy Olympics Craft

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We had the opportunity to go to an Olympic Inspiration Day where we had the opportunity to meet Paralympians.

We had the opportunity to meet with Chris Waddell who is amazing.  He is the most decorated male skier in Paralympic history.  My son wanted to get his signature when we were there, so we made an Olympic inspired signature page. 
This is very easy to make.  All you need is a blank piece of paper, paint and 5 empty toilet paper rolls.  Dip the end of your toilet paper roll into the paint color and press onto your paper to make the olympic rings as shown below.  This is a fast and easy craft but really looks great!  


  1. What a cute idea!! We have been watching a lot of the Olympics this year!

  2. So fun! What a great family craft during the Olympics

  3. That is so cool. We have been watching tons of Olympic events. We wish they would televise the Paralympics as well!

  4. What a great craft. I love that you used it to decorate your autograph. What an inspirational athlete, you were very lucky to meet him.

  5. really fun and cute craft idea!!! and what a cool experience getting to meet chris!!!

  6. What a cute idea. Love the idea of using a paper towel roll!

  7. Such a neat opportunity. And love the autograph paper!

  8. GREAT idea! I'm a homeschooling Mom of a kindergartner and have been looking for something to do for the Olympics, this is perfect and super easy!

  9. Love it. I've been totally captivated by the Olympics this year. So much inspiration in the athletes.

  10. Great idea! My kids are very excited about the Olympics – I totally need to make this with them.

  11. wow what an awesome opportunity! we are loving the Olympics and watch them everyday!

  12. How fun… sucha great idea,,thanks for sharing we love simple crafts

  13. What a cute craft! I love that it is simple, too.

  14. Definitely a great inspiration! Go team for sure!!

  15. That is such a fun and simple craft. Love it!

  16. Cute craft project! I wish I would have though ot this. I guess I still have time. lol

  17. Awesome that you had the chance to meet Mr. Waddell! I think Olympians can be very inspiring. And what a cute craft to go with the autograph – easy for little kiddos, too.

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