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Dyson DC65 is now available at Best Buy #DysonatBestBuy

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That awkward moment when you take your perfectly clean floor and vacuum it with your brand new Dyson DC65 Animal Full Size Upright vacuum and the canister ends up looking like the one above.  Talk about an eye-opener.  I thought my previous vacuum did a good enough job, but apparently “good enough” isn’t enough. 

We have a lot of floor space in our house.  Carpets and Hardwood floors.  When it comes to cleaning my floors, I don’t want to have to vacuum my carpets then sweep my floors.  It takes too long.  With a job, four kids, dance, baseball games and more, I don’t have time for too long.  Dyson DC65 Animal Full Size Upright vacuum cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors. This saves me time and keeps me sane!  My previous vacuumed claimed that it had “superior performance” on carpet which I quickly learned to be not true.  75% of US homes are like mine and have a combination of carpets and hard floors so the Dyson DC65 makes a great choice.  

But why does it make a great choice? Here is what I think.

Everyone has those places in their house that are a pain to clean.  The places where you get frustrated attempting to clean it, so it ends up stressful and a true “chore.”  I like to make cleaning fun. I don’t like cleaning to be a chore.  I like to dance while I sweep or play loud music while I do the dishes. There are two places in my house though, that I hate to clean.  They aren’t fun.  They frustrate me and I don’t look forward to doing it.  Both places require my vacuum.  Here they are:

1. I have a really long set of stairs.  This is the worst area to vacuum because no tube can reach high enough to clean these stairs and its so heavy to carry a vacuum up it.  Ugh. So frustrating.  (until now) 

2.  We have this landing under our loft that I really enjoy decorating, but it gets really dusting and it is nearly impossible to clean.  There is no way to get a vacuum up there! (until now.)

Remember number one above?  Yeah, pretty impressive, huh! The Long-reach telescopic wand has 2x suction of any other vacuum that helped us easily clean the crevice of our stairs. Frustration-free and stress-free!  I was so excited that I may, or may not have sung while I cleaned!

You thought that was impressive, check out my #2.  That amazing long reach wand allows us to clean the dust from our nook easily.  I was shocked that it was able to reach all the way to the top to be able to vacuum the dust off the whole surface.  

If the long reach wand doesn’t impress you enough (which its impossible NOT to impress), I love this next feature.  My previous vacuum used vacuum bags which filled up quick, then we had to buy them again and again, continuously spend more and more money on the vacuum.  The Dyson DC65 has a Hygienic bin emptying canister  that is so easy to use and so easy to empty.  No more annoying vacuum bags!

All you do to empty the bag is unhook the canister from the vacuum and walk it out to your garbage can.  Check out how easy it is to unhook from the vacuum:

Now you just have to walk it to the garbage can!

Then with the press of the red button, you can empty the contents into your trash can.  It really is that easy.  

The final and maybe most important function of the Dyson DC65 is how easy it is to maneuver.  Many vacuums are heavy and hard to push but I was surprised at how easy it was to use the Dyson DC65.  This works out nice for me, because my kids are able to help vacuuming.  Plus, its new and exciting for them so the are HAPPY to help!  Hopefully that lasts!  🙂 I think its adorable, even my youngest loves to use the hose and vacuum the hardwood floor for me.  She thinks that she is playing and having fun, but I get a clean floor out of it! 🙂

This vacuum is so easy to turn.  Whether you are going around a couch, around a corner or under furniture, it is built to easily maneuver around these different areas.  It is easy enough to vacuum that I could even use one hand!  That says a lot for a vacuum! 

Here is a little video clip of the Dyson DC65 in action (yep, vacuuming with ONE hand while I video tape! 🙂 )

The DC65 remodels airflows to help remove more dirt, dust, and allergens from the home. The new configuration of bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dirt giving your house a cleaner, allergen free, feel.  I was so impressed with all the great features of the Dyson DC65.  Not easy is it a sleek and good looking vacuum, but it outperforms every vacuum that I have ever owned.

 The Dyson DC65 it built to last 10 years and comes in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN) and Fuchsia (ANC).  It retails for $499 (for Multi-Floor), $599 (for Animal): comes w/ TFT and dusting brush, and $649 (for Animal Complete): comes with extra tools and Zorb (plus TFT and dusting brush).  The Dyson DC65 is available for purchase at Best Buy.

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