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Around Christmastime, we are always looking for gifts and toys that the kids would love to receive from Santa. There are so many fun gifts that kids can receive, but I find that they favorite gifts always seems to be ones that relate to the favorite movies that they have seen this year.Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy MakerDreamwork’s Trolls was definitely one of the hot movies of the year with its bright colorful design, incredible cast and upbeat fun music. This movie is one that my kids have requested to see again and again in theaters and they sing the songs around the clock. It was no surprise to me that Dreamwork’s Trolls merchandise ended up on my kids Christmas list. The Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n’ Sour Gummy Maker is a fun gift for kids who loved the movie and love to create.

      Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

The Dreamwork’s Trolls Gummy Maker Kit is so much fun because it is easy enough to use that a kid can make their Trolls gummy by themselves. This encourages independence, creativity and directions following. Plus, you are rewarded at the end of the project by being able to eat your delicious treat! We decided to put this item to the test and let my adorable 5 year old daughter give it a try. Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

With this fun kit you receive everything you need to make two molds worth of Sweet n’ sour Gummies. You receive four different flavors which are fun to make them extra colorful. You also receive two molds, lollipop sticks, a bowl and easy to follow directions. Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

You will find that making gummies is so much fun that your older siblings will want to join in on the fun. The colors for the gummies are bright and fun just like the trolls in the movie. You can add multiple colors to the molds to make them bright and stand out.Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

After only thirty minutes in the refrigerator your Troll gummies are ready to be enjoyed. Aren’t the bright colors so much fun! My kids loved being able to make a selection of gummies and lollipops with their favorite bright colored trolls from Dreamwork’s Trolls. Adding multiple colors definitely makes it more fun.

Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

It is so much fun being able to enjoy your favorite movies by playing with the fun merchandise available. This Dreamwork’s Trolls Gummy Maker is so much fun and easy enough for younger ages. We loved the bright colors and fun designs. My kids decided that it is definitely time to go see the movie again because these gummies reminded them of their favorite characters.

Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

Nothing better than making a treat and the being able to enjoy it! Here is a really adorable video of the Gummy making process:



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Dreamwork’s Trolls Sweet n' Sour Gummy Maker

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