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I’m sure that everyone by now have seen the hilarious trailer for the new 3D animated movie from DreamWorks, THE CROODS. It is a prehistoric comedy adventure and sure to be one of the biggest family movies of the year!  We have seen the trailer on tv a lot and this will definitely be a movie we will be taking the whole family to.  

If you missed the trailer, here it is:

1.  Never leave the cave.

I am actually really excited about this movie. I love the line in the trailer, “I get it dad.  I will never do anything new or different.”  I totally understand this feeling though, as a parent, of wanting to shelter and protect my kids.  This line makes me laugh because I know I have said similar things to my kids when I know that really they should be enjoying and seeing the beauty of the world around them!   This movie looks like it is going to be such a hilarious adventure that takes the first modern family into a world that needs discovering.  Just like any parent, change is going to happen in life.  I think we are going to all be able to relate to this movie and to their new adventures.

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