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Seriously, how is it possible that today is March? Didn’t we just have Christmas? My parents came to visit my house and were joking with me because my fireplace and mantle are newly decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, my kitchen still has Valentine’s decor and my chalkboard says “Happy New Year” on it! Time just seems to get away from me and before I know it, it is a new holiday!
I love to craft. I am amazed at looking at other blogs and the talent they have. I am by all means, a beginning crafter. I just got introduced to the Cricut so I am excited to share with you the adorable projects that you can do, if you are a beginner too. Yes, I said Beginner and Cricut in the same sentence. That is because it is most definitely easy enough for a beginner but also amazing enough for intermediate and advanced. I stayed away from the Cricut for a long time because I assumed that it would be so hard to use. I even spent lots of money having people cutting things for me. That was silly of me, I know now.
My first time using my Cricut mini, was very excited. I am so amazed at the tiny details that can be cut. It really is a lot of fun and quite addicting. I wanted to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, so I turned to my trusty Cricut Mini to get the job done. This is what I came up with. Remember, I am just a beginner. This is a simple easy to make, DIY craft that even your daughter could do! 🙂
What you need:
Cricut Phrases Cartridge
What do you think? I think it turned out pretty fun. It was so easy to use. I cut 12 shamrocks out per page and glued them together with glue dots. See, I told you it was easy! If you are hesitant on getting a Cricut, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared for how addicting it is! 🙂  I already have fun projects planned for decorating my house for the next few holidays!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!