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Christmas is one of the fondest times of year for both old and young.  For most, it is a season steeped in happy memories and family traditions.  One of my favorite things about Christmas as a kid was watching holiday Christmas specials and movies with my family.  I loved to get caught up in the imagination and the wonder of Christmas and for me, a great Christmas movie was the ticket there.

In 2009, Disney released the Christmas special Prep & Landing as the first ABC animated television special produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.  Now on DVD, it has to be one of my children and my favorite holiday specials.

Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver so many gifts to so many homes in one night?  The masters of story at Disney Animation have crafted the answer in a brilliant movie about an elite outfit of “prep & landing” elves who’s job it is to prep every home for the arrival of Santa himself.  They make sure stockings are hung with care, that the children are all indeed nestled in bed, and that all things are in order for Christmas to come.  But what happens when one elf who has been the best at his job gets passed up for the big promotion?  Mayhaem, that’s what!  Disgruntle over his being passed over, Larry and his new over exuberant rookie partner head out to get their assigned house ready for Santa but with his heart not in it things don’t go as planned. This film is a new holiday tradition that both old and young will enjoy.

Also included is a bonus short. Larry and his rookie partner are called upon to undertake a top secret mission that if caught could mean expulsion from the elite “Prep & Landing” division. This addition to the DVD was an awesome surprise. This bonus film is crafted with the same attention to detail and story that made the original Christmas special so memorable. There is also a short about Tiny, the fun little elf of whom we never hear a peep from and never catch more than a glimpse on his hat. In this bonus short we get a hilarious behind the scenes look at the life of this little office elf. And finally, have you ever wondered if YOU have what it takes to be one of Santa’s elves? If you have, there is a series of short recruitment and training videos from “Kringle Academy.” The kids will love these. They have the feeling of being a 1940’s enlistment film. It is great fun watching the kids “train” to become one of Santa’s elite “Prep & Landing” elves.

For me, one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is curl up on the couch with the kids and enjoy some “feel good” holiday movies. “Prep & Landing” is full of heart, humor and fun. It’s pure feel good and full of great bonus features. It is a must for every holiday movie collection.

This DVD is now available and a great one to add to your holiday DVD collection.  Here are some great clips to get you excited for the holidays and excited for next weeks premiere of Prep and Landing 2: Naughty vs. Nice.
“Prepping The House”
“Dash Away”
“Secret Mission”
“Gift Exchange”
“Tiny’s Big Adventure”