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I had the wonderful opportunity to do a review for Dei Fratelli…. and what a truly WONDERFUL opportunity it turned out to be!! We love that they are a company that promotes healthy living because having three kids, this is very important to us!

A little about Dei Fratelli

From Our Family to Yours

As a fourth generation, family-owned company, our brands thrive on family traditions – just like yours. We take a great deal of pride in knowing that our products are made of the finest ingredients possible and that our tomato products are grown from seedlings that we cultivate ourselves. When the Dei Fratelli family puts a product on our grocers’ shelves for your family, we do so knowing that we’ve taken the same amount of care and attention to quality that we would if we were placing it on our own family’s table.

To us, Dei Fratelli products are more than just rich, robust flavors … They’re products that bring families together. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

History of Dei Fratelli

Over the past four decades, the Hirzel and Dei Fratelli families have developed a reputation as a strong, honest, family-oriented brand that strives to maintain a strong sense of integrity in ourselves and our products. Every member of our team works together to bring the very best, most trusted products to your kitchen.

From humble beginnings, where we canned tomatoes we were all proud to put our names on – to today, where our commitment to safety, quality control and flavor continues to inspire us as we expand into a full line of tomato products, pasta sauces, salsas, juices, sauerkraut and more. We’ve never waivered in our commitment to be the very best. It starts on the farm with quality, relationships and care and carries through to the all-natural products we put into the can. To us, there’s a great deal of pride knowing we’re a part of so many family meals each day.

Our Vision

What drives the Dei Fratelli and Hirzel team to bring your family that great, rich Dei Fratelli flavor? We remain focused on the very concepts that created our success from the beginning. Developing better relationships with our customers, bringing the highest quality products to dinner tables and continually looking for ways to meet your expectations. For four generations, we’ve been providing innovative ideas and products … And will continue to do so … To earn a seat at your dinner table.


My review of Dei Fratelli

I was shocked when the UPS man knocked on my door with two 15 lb boxes! Before opening up the boxes I knew exactly who they were from because I could smell an AMAZING smell coming from them! They smelled like an Italian restaurant! My first impression of their product with just being able to smell it made me so excited to try it!

Look at all these wonderful items I was able to try! There were spaghetti sauces, salsas, pizza sauce, diced tomatoes, sloppy joe mix and more! Yum, Yum, YUM!!

We were so excited to do this review, that we literally have been having Italian and Mexican food every night! Every sauce or salsa we try we love! The flavors are so strong and delicious and it smells so good! Some of our favorites were the pizza sauce and the black bean and corn salsa. I highly recommend Dei Fratelli for all of their great varieties and delicious taste of their product!

One of our favorite things to do as a family is make homemade pizza! We like to make our own dough and everyone gets to choose their own ingredients. My husband and I always tend to choice BBQ sauce for our pizza rather than pizza sauce. We finished making our kids pizza and tried the pizza sauce and it was SO good that we used it on our pizza too. A direct quote from my husband would be, “oh my! This sauce is SOOOO good!” We could have sat there eating the sauce alone with a spoon. It was that good. I think he said that at least 5 times during the meal! Their pizza sauce was a hit with the whole family!

We enjoyed our whole experience of reviewing Dei Fratelli. We highly recommend them to everyone and will contact to use their product! The only sad thing that we have found is that Dei Fratelli is not sold in stores around us!! But, luckily we can buy it online!! So if you want to try Dei Fratelli yourself, you can go to their online store! You can also visit their site for some delicious recipes!

I love that Dei Fratelli means, “of the brothers,” because it is a true family company! There are two generations of Hirzel brothers that have been active managers of the company!! I love supporting great family companies because they focus so much on making their customer happy and have a true passion for their product. I highly recommend their company and their product! If you live near a store that sells Dei Fratelli, you are lucky! If not, shop online! You won’t regret it. Yum!! I think i’m going to go make myself some spaghetti!

Thank you Dei Fratelli for the opportunity to review your delicous product!!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Dei Fratelli. I received product from them to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Dei Fratelli was not involved in the writing of this post.