Crunch art & Hockey Stars Review and Giveaway CLOSED

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As part of our Holiday Gift guide, I am excited to introduce to you some fun items that I think will be perfect for your kids these holidays. The two products are very different but they are both a lot of fun! I had the opportunity to work with
Little Kids for these review and had a very positive experience. I loved looking around their website because they kids on their site are so cute! They offer so many cute and fun products for kids. I had the opportunity to review a really fun item that they have. My kids love doing art, so this item was a lot of fun for them to try!

Imagine it… Crunch it… Create it!

NEW! With Crunch Art®, you can make incredible art creations without the cutting, the gluing or the mess! There’s no limit to your creative possibilities!

Crunch Art® lets you design colorful projects with fabric and foam. Simply place a foam template on the Crunch board & use the Cruncher to press fabric into the foam. Hear the “CRUNCH!” from the board & see the magical burst of color! Crunch your fabric into any design to complete each project. It’s fun, safe & mess-free!

This set was SO much fun for my kids! They were able to sit and have a lot of fun doing an art project but with me not having to worry about a big mess! My kids love using glue but they tend to make everything around them sticky so I was very excited when I found out that this used to glue!! My kids enjoyed using their imagine and being creative making different items.

I highly recommend Crunch Art as part of my Holiday gift guide. This would make such a fun gift for your kids. It is very easy to you, kids have a lot of fun and there is virtually no mess to clean up. This is a win win for mom and kid! 🙂 My kids didn’t seem to follow any of the pattern ideas, they liked to create their own shapes and designs! I think this is wonderful for a child because it helps them learn creatively and use their imagination. This product is kids approved! Both of my kids give it a big thumbs up!

I really enjoyed looking around the Junk Ball website and seeing all of the different sports toys they sold. My son is 7 and so he is at the age that these items would all be really fun for him! I definitely made a Christmas wish list of items for my son with Junk Ball. I had the opportunity to review the Indoor Hockey & Baseball set.

Test your goal-tending reflexes and your home run power safely indoors! Hall Stars Indoor 2-in-1 Hockey & Baseball comes with a battery-operated pitching and slap shot machine that shoots foam balls. All balls and equipment are scaled down in size and designed to maintain safe, challenging & fun indoor play!

The machine has 2 modes: Rookie, for slow shots/pitches & Expert, for fast shots/pitches. Grab the baseball bat & hit as many home runs as possible as the machine pitches! Grab the hockey stick & stop as many balls as you can! Your opponent can move & aim the machine for more challenging game play.

Set includes:

1 motorized ball shooter*

5 foam balls

1 mini baseball bat with foam sweet spot

1 mini hockey stick with foam blade

My son and my husband play catch at school every morning before school. He has really started to love sports and showing interest in strengthening those skills. The Indoor Hockey and baseball set has been fun because it helps him practice while he is at home. It is great that it has two modes because my son is still a Rookie and needs more practice so this gives him what he needs and then he can grow with it. We never have to worry about injury or anything breaking in our home because the foam balls, foam bat and foam blades are really soft.

I think this is a really fun item that your child will love. We have added it to our Holiday gift guide as an item we would recommend for your child. It is safe, easy, fun, and helps them develop better reflexes and skills in the comfort of their own home!

As part of our Holiday Gift guide event one lucky MomsReview4you reader will receive crunch art AND the hockey stars indoor hockey and baseball set!

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Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of little kids. I received product from them to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Little kids was not involved in the writing of this post.


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