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Crayola Floor Puzzle *review*

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“Welcome to the homepage of the Lafayette Puzzle Factory, Ltd. The newest, most exciting puzzle and game company today.

We are a new company that brings over 20 years of puzzle industry experience to its founding. Our company members have experience, creating, designing, licensing, selling, and manufacturing puzzles, games, cards, and other paper based toys.

Our entire team places great value on producing high quality products using papers from some of the best paper mills in the world, printing on state of the art printing presses and making sure all our products exceed United States and Canadian safety rules. Additionally, we know that a great image is what makes a great puzzle. Everyone involved in the puzzle making process understands that we want to print the best looking puzzle image every single time.

I personally have been assembling puzzles since I was a kid. Some of my happiest memories growing up were working on a puzzle with the entire family around the holidays or on rainy days in the summer. There was always lively conversation and joking while we worked. As the puzzle neared completion, a friendly competition would start over who could put in the last piece. No one would leave the table until it was done. These are the types of memories I hear from many of you about puzzles. The family time. The working together. The extended family all sharing stories and laughter. As we select images and choose artists, we try to think about who is going to put the puzzle together and under what circumstances. It is our hope as a company that every puzzle we sell gets put together again and again. We hope that you and your family create memories around the puzzle.

We invite you to look around our web site and stop back often as we add new areas and update our various lines. In the future we will be soliciting consumer feedback, asking for your help in selecting images and other features that will help us make the products you want most.

Thanks again for stopping by and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

JP Clauson
President and Founder
Lafayette Puzzle Factory, Ltd.”

I had the opportunity to review a really fun item from Lafayette Puzzle Factory. They sent me a chalkboard floor puzzle. I had never heard of a chalkboard puzzle so I was really excited to review it. Upon receiving it in the mail, my son instantly started putting it together. My kids both LOVE puzzles AND chalk so they were really excited to have them both in one. I think it is a genius idea because kids love to put puzzles together and this allows them to put their puzzle together but then the fun can still continue!

  • HOT & NEW, award winning Crayola puzzles
  • Each puzzle includes a large Crayola chalk
  • Great indoor fun without the mess!
  • Erases with a dry cloth or chalk eraser

The Chalkboard Floor Puzzle was recently named a Toy of the Year by Creative Child magazine. I can definitely see why it won because it allows the child to be use their creativity without making a mess.
There are three adorable styles available for the Crayola Floor Puzzle. Space zone, playground fun and USA map. I was really excited that we received the space zone one to review because my son really loves space.

This was a great item that I know your kids will love! My kids loved the challenge of being able to put the puzzle together, but then be able to use chalk to continue playing with the puzzle once it was put together. I loved this puzzle because it challenges their mind but also allows them to be creative. I am glad that it came with a piece of chalk so they could start using it immediately without be having to pick up any extra pieces. I highly recommend this and think that it would be a great gift!

The Crayola Chalkboard Floor Puzzle
  • 48 Large pieces
  • Easy to handle, kid friendly pieces
  • Inspires Creative play & learning
  • Erases like a real chalkboard

This puzzle was perfect to receive at the end of summer. My kids seem to get a lot harder to entertain by the end of the summer. Upon receiving this puzzle, they have put it together countless times. I love that their fun doesn’t end when the puzzle is completed because then they can continue to use their imagination as they let it come alive through their drawings. The quality of this item is really nice and I love that they can erase it and use it over and over again. I asked my kids what they thought about this puzzle. This is what they said:
Robbie: I like using the chalk on it and drawing planets. It really is a lot of fun. It wasn’t too hard to put together either.
Lauren: This was SO much fun. I like puzzles very much and I think its funny that I get to draw on my puzzle.

This item is Mommy approved AND Kid approved!!

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Thank you Lafayette Puzzle Factory for the opportunity to review your Crayola Floor Puzzle. I highly recommend it as a puzzle that your kids would want to use over and over again!

Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of the Crayola Floor Puzzle. I received product from them to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Lafayette Puzzle Factory was not involved in the writing of this post.

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