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Couscous Salad

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This is one of my absolute favorite lunches.  It is full of flavor, delicious, and leaves me feeling so satisfied.  I love the mixtures of the flavors and how they work perfectly together to create perfection. Yum.  One of my favorite things is I can make this in about 5 minutes.  Fast, easy and delicious.  You cannot beat that!


1/2 c. Couscous
1/2 c. Chicken broth
1/4 cup onion
1/3 cup pepper
1/4 cup grape tomatoes
1 string cheese

This is a serving for one person. 

1.  Heat chicken broth on stove top until boil.  
2.  Add couscous, stir with fork.
3. Cover and remove from heat.
4. Wait 5 minutes
5. During these 5 minutes, cut up onions, peppers, tomatoes and string cheese
6. Mix all items together in bowl and enjoy
This can also be refrigerated if you enjoy your Couscous Salad Cold.

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