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My little sister is amazing. When it comes to creativity and craftiness her talents are off the charts. I wish I could be an ounce as creative as she is. Its not just crafty, its with food, too. She bakes the most amazing and delicious treats. If only I could live close to her to eat them all every time she baked! She got married this summer and I had the opportunity to fly out with my family for her wedding. She put together the most adorable Cookies & Milk Wedding Reception. Everything from the design, color, look and deliciousness turned out perfect. She did such a great job coordinating colors and patterns to make a perfect party.
The milk bar was a huge hit. She had my favorite part was the cute napkins and the striped drinking straws. My kids favorite part? The chocolate milk and flavored drinking straws. Guests had the choice between chocolate milk, white milk or water.
Isn’t this the cutest idea? Not only is she crafty, but beautiful, too. I thought cookies and milk made a really fun theme. Who doesn’t love milk and cookies!
Yum. The cookie bar was incredible. There were so many different kinds of delicious cookie choices. Many of them wore home made and some made by my sister. Personally, it found it very important to taste as many as I could to make sure they tasted as delicious as they looked. Believe me, they did. 
Pennants. As you know in many of my blog posts, I am a fan of banners and pennants. Many holidays are decorated with Holiday Pennants and banners. I think they are festive, colorful and really add to the decorations. I also loved her coordinating fabric choices that were used for decorating. You can make your Pennants using a Cricut Machine.
Pinwheels. Oh my. Do these not just make you so happy? They are easy to make and look amazing. I had the chance to help make these which especially helps me to appreciate the final look with the pinwheels all put together. I loved the final touches with the circles and buttons to complete the look. These really added a lot to the decorations and came together perfectly. You can cut out the circles or shapes using your Cricut Machine.
I thought this idea was so much fun. They had their guests all sign a decor “Mr and Mrs” wood letters. This is a piece that they can hang in their home and treasure forever. I thought it was an adorable idea from the normal guest book signing. Its creative, cute and something that they can hang and see every day. Continuing with this idea, she handing out Sharpies as party favors thanking their guests for coming. Okay, seriously, all those fun colors of sharpies are just awesome.
I always love seeing candid shots at a wedding taken from disposable cameras. It gives a different perspective to the party than a wedding photographer seems to get. I thought it was cute to give specific ideas of what your guests should take pictures of so you knew that you had great shots in all areas. It was really fun looking through these pictures and seeing how creative your guests could be. And by guests, I mean children, of course! 🙂  Amazingly, we got a majority of the photos right on topic as suggested in the photo scavenger hunt.
Even the Groom got in on the fun! 🙂
I thought this was a clever idea. She put a colander out on the wedding gift table to collect cards from her guests. This keeps them organized and in one place, but also looks cute. I love the addition of the small pennants. The coordinate with the wedding cake and adds a great touch!
I love wedding cake. It always looks so elegant and tastes so delicious. I thought it looked beautiful and I loved the touch of color the straws and pennants gave at the top of the cake, coordinating it with the decoration of the party. She served her guests yummy wedding cake on coordinating plates with cute wooden forks.