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Civil War Boys Costume Review

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My oldest kids go to a Charter School and every year on Halloween they do something a little different than Public Schools.  At least different than public schools that we have been do.  They have the typical Halloween Parade where parents can come watch them show of their costume.  The difference with their school, is that their Halloween Parade is a History Parade.  The months prior to Halloween each grade would learn about a different topic, doing reports and projects and then on Halloween they would dress up according to their grade’s theme, instead of their typical halloween costume. These were this years themes for the History Fair:

Kindergarten-New World
2nd-War of 1812
4th Medieval Times or Utah History
5th-Civil War

I loved this. It was so fun seeing each class walk through the parade coordinating in different costumes from the themes they had been studying. My son is a 5th grader, so he had been studying the civil war. I was able to review this awesome costume that he could wear for his History Fair events. Everyone complimented him on his great costume and loved how authentic it looked. The details are fabulous on the costumes and really make the whole experience real and fun for the kids. The belt is not included in the costume above, because the shirt didn’t stay closed as well as we wanted it to, so the belt helped to keep it on. With this costume, you receive the shirt and pants. The fabric is high quality, comfortable and a great buy.
For more information, check out Fright Catalog  for lots of great Boy Costumes. 

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