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I love Christmas time.  It is such a beautiful time of year.  Especially now that I live in Utah, a perfect white Christmas is breathtaking.  I can’t believe that it is starting to get to the time of year to be thinking about Christmas, decorations, and shopping.   I always look forward to this time of the year because it is the time I go all out in my holiday decorations.  With garland, ornaments, Artificial Christmas Trees, Christmas lights, and beautifully wrapped presents.  I love how Christmas time feels and how it is a time of getting together and celebrating with family.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with on a review of their Table Top Christmas trees.  This was a funny review for me to do, because being September, my fall decorations are out, and I was setting up a Christmas photo shoot.  My kids loved it though, and told me that they would rather we just went ahead and decorate for Christmas.   If I didn’t love fall colors so much, I would have totally agreed!


“The Christmas season is a chance for family and friends to gather together and make wonderful memories. Show your holiday spirit by decorating your home with fine quality artificial Christmas trees, artificial Christmas wreaths and much more. With all of the different sizes, colors and packages available, you will surely find the ideal Christmas decorations for your home. Eliminate the hassle of fighting crowded stores for your holiday decorations. Shop today and receive free shipping* on all orders including fake Christmas trees, Christmas lights and artificial garland.” (* Free shipping on orders $49.99 and more)

I really thought these table top Artificial Christmas trees were the perfect size for decorating.  They would look great on the piano, on a side table, on the counter or any small place that you want to add a little decor.  They come undecorated, so you can decorate them to match your Christmas decorations.  I love that they are fabric covered on the bottom because it adds an elegant touch them them that will coordinate with your decorations but add an extra pop of color.  The tree was very high quality and sturdy and held its shape together nicely.  You can adjusts the branches and move them around to your liking.  All in all, I was very impressed with the table top Christmas trees and I look forward to pulling them out again this Christmas to decorate. has a large selection of Christmas Trees, Tree Accesories, Garlands, Wreaths and Christmas Accessories to meet everyones needs.  I spent some time on their site, “window shopping” and making my wants list.  I was very impressed with their selection, prices and quality. I especially loved the potted porch Christmas Trees in the picture below.

For more information about their selection and product or to start your holiday shopping, you can visit them online at