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Celebrate the in-home release of Disney’s Frozen and Disney’s Pirate Fairy with me! #‎PIRATEFAIRYBLOGGERS #‎FROZENBLURAY

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I get to go home on Monday.  I say home, because Los Angeles area had been my home for the majority of the last 10 years.  I moved to Utah 2 years ago, but so much of my heart was left in California.  Especially during the winter, when the weather is cold in Utah, I really miss the beauty and warmth of Southern California. I am happy to say, that I was invited to visit the Walt Disney Studios to celebrate the in-home release of Disney’s Frozen and Disney’s Pirate Fairy. I look forward to sharing every step of this journey with you, so you to can learn about the how these movies were made behind the scenes. Can I just say, that I am SOOO excited!  

I’m sure that your home is the same as mine when it comes to Disney’s Frozen.  The kids (and parents) know every word to every song, we have seen the movie over and over again, Frozen toys were the top of their Christmas wish list, and they are counting down the day to the Blu-ray release.  This movie was hugely popular and loved by children and adults of all ages.  I look forward to learning from the Director and Frozen Team as well as visiting Frozen’s Audio Engineer, Gabe Guy for a VOICE-OVER RECORDING SESSION! SQUEAL!! (and a little eek) 🙂 My daughter has talked non stop about this, and so excited to hear about my experience!!

I have shared with you in the past details about Disney’s The Pirate Fairy.  I have two girls that LOVE all of the Tinker Bell movies and boys who love Pirates so we are so excited for this movie. My kids have watched the trailer many times and were a bit jealous that I would be attending the advanced screening of the THE PIRATE FAIRY.  I assured them though, that it wouldn’t be long before they would get to see it and I would tell them all about my experiences. I think I look forward most to the behind the scenes details that happen in making a movie, that we really don’t know much about. 
I look forward to finally meeting many of the awesome bloggers that I have networked with through the years! Lots of exciting stuff coming soon and I will definitely keep you updated!

Here is a peek at our itinerary!
Tuesday, February 11th
  • Travel to Walt Disney Animation Studios for a behind the scenes look at the making of FROZEN including:  
    • Q&A with Director, Chris Buck and Producers, Jennifer Lee and Peter Del Vecho
    • Hands-on demonstration of the Rigging process lead by Character TC Supervisor, Gregory Smith
    • Voice-over recording session with FROZEN’S Audio Engineer, Gabe Guy
Wednesday, February 12th 
  • Travel to the DisneyToon Studios for a look at THE PIRATE FAIRY including:
    • Advance screening of the THE PIRATE FAIRY
    • Sit down with THE PIRATE FAIRY Director Peggy Holmes and Producer  Jennifer Magee-Cook     
    • Walk through the creation of “Zarina”, The Pirate Fairy from story to character design to animation

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Now I need YOUR help!  What questions would you like me to ask the Frozen and The Pirate Fairy Directors?

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