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Football and wings go hand in hand.  If someone asked me, what I think is the number one snack during football season naturally my answer would be Chicken Wings.  My family is lucky enough to live near my husbands whole family, so for us, Game Day is also all about Family.  We love excuses to get together to celebrate and an exciting Football Game and delicious Game Day snacks are an extra benefit!  Sometimes getting snacks together for a big group can be stressful but I loved the convenience of going to Sonic for all of our game day snacks.   I picked up a variety of items in family size packs so everyone could find something that they loved.


Our Game day party guests are all Sonic fans so they were excited for a selection of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Onion Rings, Tator Tots, Fries and Popcorn Chicken.  Everyone though was most excited to see that Sonic has new delicious Boneless Chicken Wings.   These 100% white meat chicken wings were so yummy and perfect for the game.  They come in three delicious flavors: Buffalo, Barbecue and Asian Sweet Chili, and each were generously tossed with delicious sauces.  About Sonic Boneless Chicken Wings:

“Tossed in a savory sauce made with hot and fiery cayenne, red chili peppers and a touch of chipotle, Buffalo Boneless Chicken Wings are a great choice for guests looking for a traditional wing flavor profile with a kick. For a more exotic flavor, Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Chicken Wings are enveloped in a sauce made with savory soy sauce, bright, fresh ginger, lemongrass and spicy red pepper flakes for a distinct but subtle kick of heat. SONIC’s new Barbeque Boneless Chicken Wings are doused in sauce made with real brown sugar to create the perfect balance of sweet and savory, a great choice for those who love the classics.

All three delicious flavors of SONIC’s new Boneless Chicken Wings are available in packs of six, 12 or 24. Guests who order 12 or 24 Boneless Chicken Wings also have the option to mix or match two sauces to try more than one flavor.”  I found that the 24 packs were perfect for Game Day celebration!

GameDayFansAll of our guests served up plates full of delicious Sonic Game Day snacks.  The adults and older cousins cheered on Virginia Tech as the younger cousins snuck all of the popcorn chicken.  My husband and brother in law’s are huge sports fans so it is always fun to watch them cheer and get in to the game.  Especially when a touchdown is scored, it gets very loud! 🙂


At our Game Day party, I was curious to see which flavor of Sonic Boneless Chicken Wings the guests loved the most.  Next to each selection I had a pen and a piece of paper where they could each tally mark their favorite flavor.  Each person was only allowed to mark one.  BonelessWings

Some of the party guests struggled with this because they liked all three flavors a lot.  I think really, they just wanted an excuse to go back for seconds…. and thirds….. and fourths. Until they “decided” which was their favorite. 🙂


So which Sonic Boneless Chicken Wing flavor do you think won?  Buffalo, Barbecue or Asian Sweet Chili?

Drum roll please……..



And the winner is:


BARBECUE!!  Everyone agreed that all flavors were delicious, but Barbecue came out as the winner!!

I agree with the party guests.  All three flavors really were delicious and full of flavor. We were all impressed that they each had their unique flavor with the perfect level of spice.   Sonic is a perfect place to get all of your Game Day snacks but when you are there, don’t forget to order a 24 pack of Sonic Boneless Chicken Wings.  I recommend Barbecue. (but all are delicious)  For more information, visit them online at:

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