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Have you heard of the adorable Build-A-Bear Heartables? Your child can choose between Unicorn Land or Safari Heartables.

My girls had the fun opportunity this week to go to Build-A-Bear and build their very own Heartables Unicorn. If you haven’t been to Build-A-Bear, your child will love the huge collection of stuff able bears and outfits. Build-A-Bear recently came out with a new Heartables collection.

What are Build-A-Bear Heartables Mystery Furry Friends

What’s in your heart? Heartables are a surprise collection of mystery furry friends—you don’t know which Heartable is inside your surprise bag until you open it! Three furry friends make up the Unicorn Land Series or Safari Stripes series. Easy mystery bag includes a Make-Your-Own Heartable, surprise accessory and special heart! Heartables are packaged unstuffed and product assortment varies by bag. Product must be stuffed at a Build-A-Bear Workshop location. 

Your Heartables surprise comes in a little pouch that you take in stores to get stuffed. It is so fun for your child to open it in the store and see which one they receive. Both the Unicorn series and Safari series have the pink, purple or blue color schemes.

We were lucky to get a blue unicorn and a pink unicorn. They come unstuffed in the package so your child can help the employee stuff them. You have the choice on how full you want it to be stuffed. Both of my girls asked for “perfectly huggable”.

The employee holds your unstuffed bear to the “stuffing machine” and your child gets to press the peddle to stuff their bear– or unicorn. My girls were so excited to be a part of the process and see their unicorns coming to life!

When their unicorns were perfectly stuffed, they got the hearts ready to put inside their unicorn. My girls rubbed them to make them warm, patted them to make them strong, rubbed them on their hearts to give them lots of love, rubbed them on their cheeks for extra happiness, rubbed them on their back because their unicorn will always have their back, rubbed it on their funny bone because unicorn will always laugh at all their jokes, squeeze for more love, made a wish, and then gave it a big kiss before putting the hearts into the unicorn. Their unicorn was then closed up and ready to be snuggled!

How did they do? They are perfectly stuffed and definitely huggable! I love that they are full size. They are perfect for playing and perfect for snuggling. They can snuggle up with their new unicorn and enjoy these fun unicorn snacks!

My daughters loved taking outfits over to the dressing rooms so they could try them on their Build-A-Bear Heartables unicorn and see how they looked. They were excited to each be able to choose the perfect outfit and pair of shoes. Picking just one was definitely the hardest part!

After trying on lots of adorable outfits, they each settled on rainbow colored sequin dresses and shoes that perfectly matched the bright colors of their unicorns! They were ready to go home and start playing!

They were able to leave with these cute house boxes for their Build-A-Bear Heartables. They are the perfect storage home for a new mystery furry friend and they can even color the box to match their new unicorns!

Thank you Build-A-Bear for the fun opportunity! My girls loved meeting their new mystery Unicorns. It was a fun surprise not knowing ahead of time which unicorn they were going to get.

Visit to purchase your Unicorn Land or Safari Stripes Heartables Mystery Furry friends. They are just $19.00 each and you can take them into a Build-A-Bear location near you to get them stuffed.