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Pregnancy Keeping You Up at Night? Get Comfortable With the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow!

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I received a Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow for review.  All opinions are my own.

Pregnancy is definitely an interesting adventure as your body tries to manages changes and growing your little baby (OR TWO!!!).  As your belly grows and grows, it seems like the ability to sleep shrinks and shrinks.  The most elusive part, of course, is finding a comfortable position to sleep in, especially if you were a stomach sleeper beforehand (like me).  My husband especially enjoys the fact that I have built a fortress of pillows and thereby have taken over nearly 90% of the bed.  Still, nothing seemed to work.  Luckily, I was recently able to get the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow and it has made a huge difference in my ability to get sleep at night.  The two key areas where the pillow helps the most are in its comfort and its customizable structure.

Boppy pregnancy pillow (From the Boppy website)

The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow is Comfortable

One of the first things that I immediately noticed while using the pillow is how comfortable each piece is.  The cushioning is perfect as it provides both support and comfort to the entire body.  I mean, how cool is it that you even have a specially designed pillow piece for your belly?!  The Boppy pregnancy pillow is essential for putting yourself into a more comfortable position.

The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow is Customizable

Another feature of the Boppy pregnancy pillow that is great is how customizable it is.  The Boppy pregnancy pillow is composed of three pieces that can be separated from one another and used in different ways.  This is useful because at various stages in your pregnancy, you will use different pieces of the pillow.  This also helps when you are resting at different times and in different place.  Personally, I prefer to use the top and bottom pieces with my own pillow for the most comfort.  It is a great asset to be able to mix and match pieces based on my needs at that specific time.

The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow is Machine Washable

We all know how important of a feature machine washable is!  I love that I can use my pillow for a comfortable nights sleep and then when neededI can easily throw it into the wash to keep it clean and fresh to last throughout my entire pregnancy.

Here is a great video that tells more about the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow:

For those pregnant mommas that are struggling to situated and comfortable when laying down, the Boppy pregnancy pillow is a must have.  Check it out today!  And have a Good night!  The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow retails for $55 and is available the online.

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow Marisabel

Guess what!  Since I know how incredibly uncomfortable it is to sleep without a Boppy Pregnancy Pillow, I want to give one cute pregnant mom the chance at many good night sleeps!  One A Sparkle of Genius reader will win their very own Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow! Yay!

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