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Bodie Creek Handmade is a company dedicated to creating personalized jewelry pieces that express love, joy, and passion for life. I specialize in creating personalized hand stamped jewelery and accessories, but also enjoy creating mixed media and wire wrapped jewelry as well! Anything I make I make with my whole heart. I love to create pieces that I know will be treasured for a lifetime. It is my great honor to be able to create commemorative pieces that become an everyday part of someones life.”
I have always liked the look and style of hand stamped jewelry, so when I came across Bodie Creek Handmade, I instantly loved what I saw. I love how her hand stamped jewelry has so much personality as if each necklace tells its own story. You can definitely tell that a lot of time and talent is put into each piece that she makes. I love how they say they create jewelry that expresses love, joy and passion for love! These are all such wonderful emotions that we all feel, and its wonderful to have jewelry that can evoke that kind of emotion and that kind of story.
From the very first email with Bodie Creek Handmade, I was impressed by their excitement and passion for their product. I could really feel through their excitement that they were selling product that they really had put their heart into. They were very kind, very professional and quick to respond to all of my questions. I know you will be pleased with Bodie Creek Handmade as they are truly a very professional company.
I was very impressed with Bodie Creek Handmade when I received my jewelry in the mail. Often, when I receive items in the mail, they were quickly packaged and not very well wrapped. With Bodie Creek handmade, they had gone the extra mile and packaged the necklace in a company personalized box with a cute ribbon tied around and included a business card inside. This was a big deal to me, because I felt that a company that puts that extra added details to their product is a great company that truly wants to make the shopping experience perfect for their buyers. Bodie Creek definitely made this experience great for me.
I had the opportunity to review Bodie Creek Handmades Bee Happy, silver handmade stamped necklace. This necklace is a simple reminder to “Bee Happy”. This silver hand stamped necklace is made with a hand stamped silver disk accompanied by a copper honey bee charm. Measures about 1″ in diameter. Comes with an 18″ silver ball chain. I love that in the description they say that “Let this be a daily reminder to find the joy in life everywhere you look. 🙂 ” I have worn this necklace many times since receiving it and have received many comments on it. I always tell them that its my “Bee Happy” necklace to remind me to find the joy in life. I think the necklace is very beautiful and a great reminder, also. Seriously, though, how cute is this!
Bodie Creek Handmade gives us the reminder that, “Please remember that hand stamped jewelry is an art. Sometimes the letters are not perfect and may not be perfectly straight. Please know that this is not a defect. This is part of the charm of your unique one-of-a-kind piece!” Personally, I love that uniqueness that hand stamped jewelry brings. I love that every single piece is going to be a little different so you have something that is just your own. I think the imperfections actually are what become the perfections of the necklaces because they add such a great level of charm. This truly is an art, and one the Bodie Creek Handmade has mastered. Their work is beautiful and they are very talented. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism, talent and beautiful product.
There are lots of other adorable necklaces at Bodie Creek Handmade. Here are some of my favorites!! You should check them out!


Guess what! To make you shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, Bodie Creek handmade has offered ALL Momsreview4You readers 10% off!! All you have to do is mention MomsReview4You in the notes and they will refund you 10% via paypal! What a great deal!
But… thats not all!!! 🙂 Who is in the mood for a giveaway! One lucky MomsReview4You reader will win their very own “Bee Happy” necklace!!
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Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Bodie Creek handmade. I received a product from Bodie Creek handmade to review. You may or may not agree with my opinion. Bodie Creek handmade was not involved in the writing of this post.

Thank you Bodie Creek Handmadefor letting me review your product! Your necklaces would make great gifts!


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