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Yesterday I shared with you my amazing experiences on the Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Movie Premiere .  I am so excited to tell you my feelings about the movie.  Don’t worry, it will be completely spoiler free. I wish I could tell you everything about it though, because when I get excited about a movie I just want to talk about all the amazing parts!  I won’t though.  I promise a spoiler free Big Hero 6 Movie Review.  I am taking my kids to see Big Hero 6 tomorrow morning so I am excited to see their reaction.  I know they are going to love it. Big Hero 6 is my new favorite Disney movie.  I think I say that every time that I see a new Disney movie.  They just keep stepping up their game! 🙂

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One of my favorite things about new Disney Movies is the short film that is played before it.  I always look forward to seeing them because they are always beautiful to look at, great story and a lot of fun.  “Feast” is the short film that plays before Big Hero 6 and it is a really fun one.  We have two dogs so I can definitely relate to this story.  It is heart felt, playful and a really fun story.


“Feast,” a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne (head of animation, “Paperman”) and Walt Disney
Animation Studios, is the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston,
and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.   I had the opportunity to interview Patrick Osborne and learn a lot of information about the short film, Feast. But that will have to be for another time.  🙂


Big Hero 6 is such a fun movie.  It combines friendship, love, adventure, humor and heart all into one movie.  One second you will be laughing, then on the edge of your seats and then you will be crying.   And you will go through those emotions again and again and again.  Don’t forget to bring some tissues with you.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Disney describes this movie as, an “original action-comedy-adventure about a robotics prodigy and a plus-sized inflatable robot, who develop a special bond on a quest to solve an unsettling mystery.”  Big Hero 6 is inspired by Marvel comics and features comic-book-style action.  This really is a Marvel meets Disney kind of movie, so if you love Marvel and you love Disney, you will LOVE Big Hero 6.  Ryan Potter who is the voice of Hiro in the movie, said “I grew up watching Disney films, and I grew up reading Marvel comics,” says Potter. “So when I heard that a Disney movie that was inspired by a Marvel comic actually featured an Asian American kid, I absolutely had to be a part of this film.”  It really is a fun combination!


The relationship at the core  of this movie is the bond between Hiro and Baymax.  You will learn about love, friendship and the importance of having a true friend.  Even if it is a robot, the bond is real and the relationship heals.

bigHero654243c09be44f Big Hero 6 is in theaters now.  I love watching a movie at home with my family, and I know a lot of people like to wait until a movie is on Blu-ray, but Big Hero 6 is the kind of movie that you have to see on the Big Screen.  The story is brought to life on the big screen and the details and environment are stunning.  It has the perfect amount of fast adventure and movement that is best enjoyed on the big screen with the amazing surround sound.  I was so impressed with the movie that I immediately bought tickets for my whole family to see it opening weekend because I was so excited for them to experience this really fun movie. Big Hero 6 is a movie for the whole family.  I know that my 3,6,9,11 year olds will all LOVE the movie for different reasons, as well as grown ups. This movie is perfect for all ages.  BIG HERO 6 opens in theaters everywhere TODAY!

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