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 I have been provided an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 Event and ABC TV Event. In exchange I will be providing coverage for these events.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you Disney and ABC TV!  

Happy Birthday to me!  I’m not one that really looks forward to my birthday, by this year it can’t come quick enough! About a month ago I received an awesome email and the subject line read, “Disney & ABC Invite You to Los Angeles!”   I may have squealed and then opened the email to find out that I would be heading flying on my birthday to Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 and ABC TV event.  I sent a quick text to my husband, did a happy dance and happily RSVP’s for the event.  Now, we are just one week away and I am so excited!  

Starting Sunday Nov 2nd through Wed Nov 5th make sure and follow the hashtags #‎BigHero6Event‬ ‪and #‎ABCTVEvent‬ on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because we are going to be doing some really amazing things.  They always make these disney trips Epic and a lot of fun.  While in Los Angeles we will be experiencing behind the scenes events surrounding Big Hero 6, and ABC shows, Marvel Agent Carter, Black-ish, Galavant and Dancing with the Stars!  It really sounds amazing.

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My kids are so jealous that I will be seeing Big Hero 6!  They are so excited to see this movie.  It really looks like a fantastic, and beautifully animated film with so much heart.  While in Los Angeles, I will have the chance to walk the ***red carpet*** at the BIG HERO 6 premiere, attend a special press day at Walt Disney Animation Studios where I will interview the filmmakers, attend a drawing demonstration with animators and get a chance to voice a character from the film in a recording booth!  I went to the Frozen Disney event and I was so nervous for the recording booth and it ended up being my favorite part.  I am excited to do it again!  As part of this press day, we will also be interviewing the amazing Jamie Chung (voice of “Go Go Tomago”) and Genesis Rodriguez (voice of “Honey Lemon”).  I’m so excited! If you aren’t familiar yet with Big Hero 6, here is the trailer: 


I love Dancing with the Stars!  I really wish I could dance because they always look like they are having so much fun.  Unfortunately, with two left feet, i’ll never be able do what they can do!  haha.  Luckily my daughter is a dancer so I can enjoy dancing through watching her! 🙂  While in LA I will also attend a live taping of “Dancing with the Stars” at the glamorous ballroom set!  This is going to be very excited!  Although, I still have to pick out the perfect dress. Afterwards, during dinner, we will be live tweeting during the West coast airing of the show.  Rumor has it that a special guest (or two!) might make an appearance! I’m hoping for Alfonso Ribeiro!  If you haven’t seen his dance, it is truly fantastic! You can see it here: 


Have you had chance to watch he new hit comedy “black-ish”, yet?  If not, I definitely recommend checking it out because it is hilarious!  It airs Wednesday nights at 9:30/8:30c to make sure and set your DVR now if you wont be home.  I am excited for my behind the scenes experience with black-ish because I know the cast is super nice because they have been tweeting a lot during their shows. I have enjoyed joining in on that.  It shoots on the Walt Disney Studio Lot so we will be receiving a tour as well as preview screenings of episodes.


While on the Disney Lot we will also have the opportunity to watch a preview screening of the upcoming musical comedy “Galavant”.  Okay, seriously this show looks hilarious!  I laugh every time I watch the trailer. I look forward to hearing more about this show and sharing with you what I learn.  If you have not heard of this show, check out the hilarious trailer:


Last but definitely not least we will be receiving a set visit and  “sneak peek” of ABC’s upcoming show, Marvel Agent Carter!  While there, I will be meeting Agent Carter herself (aka actress Hayley Atwell), as well as interviewing the Executive Producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas!  I am a huge fan of the Captain America movies.  Hayley Atwell played  Agent Carter in the Captain America movies and I am so excited for her role on Agent Carter.  

As you can tell this event is going to be jammed packed full of amazing sneak peeks, interviews, and red carpet fun!  I am excited for the adventure!  Don’t forget to follow us on hashtags #‎BigHero6Event‬ ‪and #‎ABCTVEvent so you can stay up to date!  Now I need to go shopping for a red carpet dress!

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