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Do you have a secret handshake with your kid?  Recently, my 6 year old came to me and asked if we could have a secret handshake. He taught me what we were supposed to do and asked me to give him the secret handshake hourly.  It really made me laugh because he was SO excited every single time.  He was beaming and I could tell it made him so happy that he had this secret handshake with his mom.  Later that evening, we were watching Big Hero 6 as a family and Hiro taught Baymax a handshake.  The identical handshake to my sons and my not-so secret handshake and it made me smile.  My son winked at me and beaming, gave me our special Big Hero 6 handshake.


I love Big Hero 6.  Every since this movie came out on Blu-ray, my kids have requested to watch it again, and again and again.  I like watching movies, but there aren’t many movies that I watch over and over again.  For some reason, Big Hero 6 is a movie that I can enjoy again and again without getting bored of it.  I was talking to my husband about this and he mentioned that that is a sign of a good movie.  Big Hero 6 is an exceptional movie that hopefully everyone has seen by now.  If you have not seen it, run to the store or hop on amazon and order it because it is a fantastic movie.


Not only does Big Hero 6 teach us how totally cool Robotics is, but it also shares with us how important family.  The love that Tadashi has for Hiro touches your heart and this movie makes you want to treat your family members the same way.  I love how Tadashi creatively sparks the love of the “nerd school” in Hiro.  Everybody needs a brother like Tadashi.


Big Hero 6 shows the important of friendship.  We all need friends to help us through hard times in life. Everyone experiences times where friendships and love is what gets them through.  The emotions in Big Hero 6 have you crying one minute and laughing the next.  Only to be crying again a few minute later.  This movie is not only beautiful to look at but has such a great story that keeps you engaged and enjoying it from the moment it starts til the moment it ends.  It only leaves you with one question– When can we expect the sequel?  🙂bigHero654243c09be44fI could go on and on and on about how fantastic this movie is.  Big Hero 6 is filled with so much heart.  You learn to try hard things, you learn to love, you learn to let down the walls and let friendships in, you learn that friendships come where you least expect it.  Big Hero 6 is a family friendly film for all ages.  I love this film and look forward to watching it a bazillion more times with my kids!