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Batteries Not Included. #PowerTheHolidays

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This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks and Duracell.  All opinions are my own.

 We have all been there.  (hopefully its not just me)  It is Christmas morning.  Santa came and the kids are really excited.  They rush down stairs to open their presents.  One by one they rip the wrapping paper off of their gifts and reveal the toys they “always wanted”!  Within seconds of the presents being open your child brings you their favorite gift that they want to play.  Right then.  Not later, but IMMEDIATELY.  You look down at the box and see the dreaded words.  Batteries Not Included.  You forgot the batteries.  You rush off to check every junk drawer in the house only to realize that you don’t have any batteries anywhere in the house and Christmas is now officially ruined.


You don’t want to be in this horrible situation so pull out your post it notes and post them everywhere.  Don’t forget the batteries.  When you make your to do list or shopping list, don’t forget your Duracell Batteries.  Believe me, no one wants to have a “Batteries Not Included” Christmas.


My mother in law always seems to be so organized at Christmastime and we are always grateful when our kids open their holiday gifts and their are always batteries tied to the package or wrapped up nicely inside. I always sigh a sigh of relief knowing that my kids will be able to enjoy those batteries and my Christmas goes a lot smoother! Duracell makes your holiday season more stress free so don’t forget to buy ahead.


I would recommend the 16-pack of Duracell batteries.  This is perfect if you have a lot of electronics or toys that need batteries, or just if you want to be extra prepared.  Seriously, maybe even pick up a few packs.  Remember, you don’t want to see your child smile change to a frown when they realize they can’t try their toy yet! 🙂 With Duracell you can also find a very handy smaller 4-pack of batteries that fits perfectly in a stocking. Which size is perfect for you?

4 pack: Never run out of power with the Duracell Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries. These Duracell Coppertop Batteries are the ideal choice for toys, radios and other electronics that will see a lot of use. Just pop in the 4 count Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries and you are ready to go for hours of entertainment and fun. 

16 pack: Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries in a Doublewide pack deliver efficient and reliable power in popular battery powered devices such as toys, Wii remotes, portable gaming systems, smoke alarms, clocks and radios. Use them in all of your devices and enjoy the fact that they are long-lasting. The Duracell AA batteries come in 16 count pack to provide plenty of power. 

I picked up three 4-packs to put in my husbands stocking.  Better safe then sorry, right?!  Making sure you have Duracell Batteries on hand guarantees that your Christmas will run smoother.  Pick them up today and Walmart.

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