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I had the opportunity to review two awesome cookbooks by Annabel Karmel! I reviewed You Can Cook and Starting solids.

You Can Cook

“The book opens with a handy guide to mastering the basics, from scrambled eggs to fruit salads. Once kids get the hang of simple prep steps, they can move on to “Light Bites” like corn chowder and baked potatoes and eventually “Main Meals” from sweet and sour pork to Swedish meatballs. You Can Cook also includes recipes for “Sweet Treats” to satisfy every sweet tooth without loading up on sugar or preservatives.”

Reviewing this book was a really funny experience for me. My seven year old has always taken an interest in wanting to learn to cook, but I didn’t expect him to take it so seriously!! He was so excited to receive this cookbook in the mail. He sat down at the table with the cookbook and read every single intro page. He wanted to be prepared for when he started cooking. He even went through each individual item that you might find in a kitchen so he would be familiar with it if he needed to cook.

He then started with the very first recipe in the cookbook and decided that the best way to learn was to try each one! He LOVES the cookbook and it has helped him learn to quick some great things and has given us a bit of a break and breakfast time since he loves to cook for us! This cookbook is KID approved and MOM approved!!!

The introduction was perfect to help kids get prepared for cooking. He learned about measurement sizes and ingredients and different kinds of foods. It really helped him to be ready to understand how to read a recipe. The recipes all were kid friendly and easy for them to learn to make. The cookbook was set up in a way that was easy for him to understand and easy to learn with lots of pictures. I highly recommend this cookbook if you are wanting to teach your kid to cook!

Here is my son making us the crepe recipe from the cookbook!!
The second cookbook that I had a chance to review was Starting Solids by Annabel Karmel.

Starting Solids gives moms easy tips to introducing their children to solid foods. This step-by-step guide to navigating your baby’s first year of eating is geared toward making the transition from milk to solid food as simple, delicious and nutritious as possible.”

This cookbook would be wonderful for a new parent because it introduces you to a babys first foods with lots of great recipes.
I have three kids, but I know that everytime that I get to the point of starting solids I suddenly feel lost as to what to feed them and when to feed it to them. This cookbook will answer all of the questions that you have. You feel feel more prepared and know exactly what your baby should be eating and when. Plus, you will have wonderful recipes to feed them to make you feel like a more prepared and better parent! It saves so much money to make your own baby food so this wonderful cookbook will also save you money. I also, like to know exactly what goes into my kids food and so making your own baby food allows it so your baby is only getting exactly what you want them to be eating.

She also includes lots of tips to help you along the way so you can feel comfortable with the process. I know that this cookbook helped me understand the process more and not have to feel stressed about what my son should or shouldn’t eat at each stage. I felt like the recipes were easy to make and had lots of great varieties. I recommend this cookbook to moms and think that it would make an excellent present and baby shower gift!

I would recommend all moms to take a minute and visit her website. Her website is full of wonderful information to help a mom in each new stage but also has some great recipes!! Its a great resource and you can find lots of great information!

Thank you Annabel Karmel for letting me review your cookbooks!