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AmericanGirlSToreIf you haven’t had the chance to Visit the American Girl® store at Stanford Shopping Center you’ll have to stop  by. Your daughters will love it.  It is a two story shopping experience with everything a girl could every want for her American Girl doll, plus a doll salon and Bistro. Your daughter will enjoy bringing her doll along with her for the experience.  

My daughter brought her Kit doll with her.  She received this doll as a gift from her cousin, so it is very special to her.  She loved being able to see all the clothing and accessories available for Kit.


I definitely recommend stopping by the Salon.  They do a fantastic job and getting your dolls hair back to their original condition as well as styling it to your daughters style of choice.  

When you are done with styling, stop by the Bistro.  You may need to set up an appointment.  We got lucky and they had a few spots available for dessert.  The Bistro is super cute and so much fun!


They even have the cutest little chairs that your daughters doll can sit right along side of you while you eat.  They bring your doll a cute little cup for the meal.  Your daughter gets to keep this cup when they leave!


These cute doll chairs are available for purchase in the American Girl Doll store.


The food is delicious.  We only got dessert but it is presented adorably and there is a big selection that everyone will love!


Girls had such a fun time!  They each were able to get their dolls hair fixed, visit the Bistro and choose a souvenir.  My daughter picked out a cello for Kit.    AmericanGirlStoreGirls