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Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was just what the Doctor ordered. #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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Ice Bucket ChallengeThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is incredible.  In such a short time our Facebook and Twitter feeds turned to ALS.  Our Instagram feeds were full of videos of athletes, families, celebrities and friends taking the challenge and challenging others to do the same. It is amazing the amount of good that social media can bring.  The more I watch video after video of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the more I realize that this challenge has done so much good for ALS but also so much good for the world.

Previous to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge my facebook feeds were filled with sadness and depression.  Filled with the death of celebrities, wars, crime and sickness. The contrast of posts once the Ice Bucket Challenge started was amazing. And I was grateful for the change.

What the #ALSIceBucketChallenge did for the world:

Go to Instagram and search #ALSIceBucketChallenge.  There you will find not thousands, not hundreds of thousands but millions of videos and photos from people accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  All these videos have one thing in common. Laughter.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought laughter to the world. To millions of people.  In a world where there is sickness, sadness, and heartache, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge showed us that we could laugh. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use enough ice, if your bucket is too small, or if you are wearing a hat.  What matters is that you take a moment to realize that serving is good. Good for yourself and good for others.

Millions of people accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help others.  They did this and they felt happy.  And they laughed. Millions of people laughed.  Why is this?  Because doing good feels good.


What the world did for ALS:

In less than one month over 50 million dollars has been donated to help ALS.  For comparison, last year, in that same time, they received around 2.2 million dollars. And donations are still happening. This is pretty amazing.  Just as important as donations, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought awareness to ALS.  I will admit, when I first found out about the ICE Bucket Challenge I had heard about ALS but really had no idea what it was.  I had no idea what the symptoms were, what those with ALS had to live with, and how quickly the symptoms progressed. My eyes were opened to this sad disease and how important Awareness really is.

Post by Nick Ryan DeWitt.

Educate yourself. Watch the video above. You will learn more about ALS and about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is important to be AWARE and know why exactly you are pouring ice water over your head. And then consider donating at or to a charity of your choice. Then, if you so desire, dump a bucket of Ice Water over your head and let more people know about his cause. Because doing good feels good. And sharing the word brings awareness.

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