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Ahoy, me Hearties! Avast, meet ye, me crew. #chasingtreats2014

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PirateAuFamilyIn normal, adventurous Au style, we spent me the day at the lake with me Buchaneers.  We pillaged, we plundered, had adventures,  sword fights and even found treasure.  We pillaged this thar Crew Bounty to review from Chasing Fireflies. All mayhem, doubloon and opinions be ye my own.  Go ye now and walk the plank.

My kids count down the days to Halloween, every year.  They love dressing up in fun costumes, going to Halloween parties, and trick or treating.  I love Halloween because I get to see how cute my kids are and see them excited and happy.  This year, we had brainstormed just about every costume possible for my kids and couldn’t come up with the perfect costume idea.  We decided that it would be fun to have a Family Costume.  The holidays are about families and being together, and I thought the idea of a family costume was perfect in building holiday memories.  Plus we would look so awesome, right? 🙂  I don’t know if you have ever checked out the Chasing Fireflies Halloween costumes because they are all amazing.   We knew as soon as we saw the Pirate Costumes, though, that we wanted to be a family of Pirates.


Meet ye our littlest crew member. She may be small, but this laddie is fierce.  Her Girls’s Pirate Costumes is incredible.  I love that these adorable dresses start as small as size 4 because then my youngest daughter could join us in the fun.  Her costume came complete with this stunning dress and hat.  The sword and choker are sold separately, but they add so much to the costume.  She loved having a sword and wouldn’t have it any other way!  I’m sure you can tell from the picture that the details on this costume is incredible.  Everything from the lace underskirt, to the stylish belt and beautiful fabric. 


Meet ye our lad. My son called himself the Pirate Captain of our crew.  This costume is very elegant and definitely worthy of being the captain.  I love that it coordinated with the other family costumes, but yet was more dashing and handsome of a Pirate costume.  It fit his personality perfect.  This costume comes with the shirt with attached vest, pants, boot covers, jacket, hat, eye patch, sword and earring. The quality of this costume is amazing.  It is made out of high quality fabrics and has incredible details to make him the best dressed Pirate Captain around.


Meet ye our Pirate Princess. My daughter made the most stunning Swashbuckling Scarlet with her thick curly hair and bright blue eyes.  She loved her costume and was ready for some High Seas adventure.  The scarlet dress is the same style that her sister wore. The beautiful dress has an attached lace-up brocade vest, tulle and lace petticoat, black belt and pirate hat with a bandana and feather.  I especially love the tulle and lace petticoat that goes underneath these dresses.  It adds so much dimension and pirate-y look to the costume and really coordinates nicely with the lace of the sleeves and trim.


Meet ye our oldest Matey. My son is definitely a mini version of his father, so it was very fitting that his Captain Skullduggery was a mini version of his Father’s costume.  He is definitely a feared pirate in charge of the pillaging and plundering for the crew.  I am completely amazing with the quality of these costumes.  They really don’t miss any detail.  The buttons, trim, and style is perfect.  This boys costumes not only coordinates with his Father’s, but the vest fabric coordinates with the girls costumes.  This costume comes complete with long coat with gold button accents, a brocade vest, shirt collar, belt, sash, pants, pirate hat and boot covers. This set does not come with the eye patch, sword or earring but you can buy it separately from Chasing Fireflies.


Meet yer me.  A fine Pirate Lass. It is not often that you will find me in costume on Halloween.  I love dressing up my kids and putting them in their favorite costumes.  I always going trick or treating with them, but typically I just wear my regular every day clothes.  This year though, I could not pass up on the Women’s Swashbuckling Scarlet.   This costume is stunning.  The different layers and details make for a fun Pirate look.  The lace up brocade vest allows you to fit it to your size and how you are comfortable.  I thought it was adorable how it coordinates with the girls styles with a little more of a grown up feel, while still staying classy and elegant. The dress is made with a stretchy material so it is comfortable to wear.  All of the girls paired our costumes with the perfect Skull Cameo Choker.


Meet yer our true Pirate Captain. I think had the most fun in the role of a Pirate. He led his little laddies on Pirate adventures and it really was a lot of fun.  His Men’s Captain Skullduggery was very comfortable to wear and looked fantastic.  He really makes a great pirate.  And a handsome one, too, I might add.  This set comes with a long coat with gold button accents, a brocade vest, shirt collar, belt, sash and bootcovers.  I think it is important to mention that the pants are not included but you can buy them separately.  Our Pirate Captain and little mates all looks spectacular in their costumes.


I don’t think I have ever been more impressed with the quality of Halloween Costumes.  I love that were able to find such a great selection of Family Costumes that fit our families personalities perfectly.  The quality of fabric, details and styles are so much fun and the best I have found.  I love that they have so many great accessories that help make the costume complete.  We chose swords, jewelry and eye patches, but you could also get fish nets, boots and more.  Chasing Fireflies has such a fun selection of costumes for men, woman and kids for those who are not looking for a Family Costume.  This halloween, why not consider Family Costumes.  It really is a lot of fun! Check out Chasing Fireflies for all of your Halloween Costume needs.  And don’t forget to follow them online on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Off we sail on our Pirate Ship to our next adventure…

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