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I did not know what to expect going into watching Bully.  I knew Bully’s when I was a kid and I recall being Bullied a few times but nothing very bad.  Mostly it was just words with them making fun of me. It wasn’t ever anything physically violent.  This movie, in my opinion, was a very needed movie to make.  The stories needed to be told and awareness needed to happen.  More and more, we see in the news the sad results of bullying.  

In my opinion, there are two important things that need to come out of watching this movie.  1.  Kids understanding the importance of communication.  If they are being bullied or know someone that is being bullied, they need to learn how to speak up.  Talk to their parents, school counselor, teacher, or other adult.  2.  Parents need to take the time to talk to their kids and really LISTEN.  Kids will have a hard time telling you what is going on in their lives if they feel like you aren’t listening.

This made me look at my own life.  I have four kids now, two of which are in elementary school.  I think that I am aware of what is going on with their day at school.  They are pretty open.  They talk about school, their friends, etc but I don’t think that I have ever really sad down and talked with them about Bullies.  I took the moment to sit down with my kids and ask them important questions and to let them know that they can always talk to me about anything.  I am always here for them.  I think that all parents need to have this talk with their child so their kid always knows, if they get bullied their parents are there to help.  

This movie is a great resource for both parents and kids.  It really is a Powerful look at what happens in the schools.  My kids are so important to me and I know other parents like me are willing and ready to help spread awareness to help stop Bullying.

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One of our reviewers, “Dads Corner”, had the opportunity to interview the directory of Bully, Lee Hirsch.  It was a wonderful interview where we received further insight into the movie.  The interview below is not word for word, just a summary from notes that were taken.

Rob:  What brought you to make this film?

Lee:  Having been bullied for many years, I carried the memory of how difficult it is to express and communicate what I was going through.  I want to show why Bullying is scarring and damaging.  My hope was to challenge people to walk in other shoes and see it in the same way as those being bullied se it.  I felt like making this film was needed.  There was no film like this, and it was such a collective problem.  I really felt like it was the right thing to do.

Rob:  How long did it take before the kids didn’t react to the cameras?

Lee:  It was actually really quick.  It only took about 2 weeks.  We introduced ourselves to everyone on day one and told them what we were doing.  Kids hammed it up in the beginning but then life took over and they kind of forgot we were there.  We were shooting with a small camera.  A Canon 5D Mark II.  It was quicker than I though.

Rob:  When did you decide to follow Alex?

Lee:  We met him on Orientation day.  We sensed immediately that he may be one who was bullied.  We met with his family and filmed him early on.  We were also following other students at this time.  We also had “decoy” kids to make sure others didn’t know that Alex was the focus.  

Rob: How did you feel as you were watching Alex’s story unfold?  How hard was it not to intervene?

Lee: This was really hard.  Like you see in the movie, people were constantly doing things like taking food from his tray.  Things were happening all the time.  But, I had a really strong relationship with Alex.  He always knew I was there and that I had his back.  Alex knew this was important and wanted his story told.

Rob:  Did you anticipate the attention the film has received?

Lee:  This was an amazing experience.  Celebrities, politicians, teachers and parents all stepped up to help make change.  I wanted it to explode.  To be a movement.  I wanted to give the tools in peoples hands for change.    My hope was it would make changes.  Especially one, where families could have conversation in their home that they couldn’t have before.

Rob:  Like shown in Milbrae, in the special features,  Since the blu-ray how many more schools have used the Bully project as a model?

Lee:  So many schools have used this project.  Over 250,000 students were touched by this project and we are hoping to reach a million and beyond.  We provided funding for Millbrae to see the film.   We were able to give them training to help them make the change.  There is also training and funding available to teachers for free that they can use to create change in their schools.

Make a difference.  Join the movement.  Learn more about BULLY at: