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90 Second Waffle Iron Chocolate Chip Cookies

When that chocolate craving kicks in, the promise of 90 second warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie sounds so appealing.  They are all over pinterest.  Beautifully, waffled, gooey, delicious cookies.  Martha Stewart even said it can be done. And in just 90 seconds?  Yes Please.

I pulled out my waffle iron. Greased it. I grabbed my store bought cookie dough. (Quick, convenience, right?) 

I placed my cookie dough on the waffle iron, closed it up and set the timer for 90 seconds.  My plate was ready.  My glass of milk was ready.  I could smell the sweet chocolate. The timer went off, I opened my waffle iron to a gooey mess of uncooked cookie dough. I added 60 seconds to the timer and when the timer went off, I found a burnt mess of stuck to the waffle iron, cookies.  

Instead of my 90 second chocolate gratification, I spent the next 20 minutes pre-heating my oven and cooking my cookies for 13 minutes, all while I scrubbed down my Waffle Iron.

Yeah, not so pretty.