7 Christmas Elf Ideas #Elfcapades #ElfMagic

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My kids have been so excited to see where their Elves are hiding when they wake up.  Here is week one of Christmas Elfcapades! 


Where was your Elf hiding?


  1. My favorite one is the bats hanging. LOL Vampire elves.

  2. ours hide all over the house!! and thank you for this, because i need to move ours now before i go to bed.

  3. Hahaha! Looks like your elves are getting into a lot of mischief!

  4. My elves are hiding in the fruit bowl. And in the stockings and in the christmas tree and on the bookshelf. Cute pictures, love it!

  5. You came up with so many cute ideas! I love the sliding down the banisters and the trapeze artist ones, especially. We have a little Elf Magic friend who might need to try a few new things after seeing these!

  6. I have loved seeing the creativity with everyone's ideas.

  7. Such cute ideas! I love our elf during the holidays.

  8. The sliding down the banister is my favorite. These are really cute ideas.

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