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6 themes of STORKS the Movie

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6 themes of STORKS the Movie

As part of the Storks Press Junket in Los Angeles, we had the awesome opportunity to pre-screen Storks the Movie. I had just had a daughter 7 weeks before this event, so everything "baby" that we encountered, I loved and it reminded me of my own baby. Its obvious to say that I LOVED this movie with all of its adorable baby cuteness. I mean seriously, how cute is that pink hair and blue eyes? What I loved more than the babies, though, is that this movie is filled with so many great themes. I love when you can walk away from a movie feeling entertained and inspired. This is the type of movie that will not only make you laugh but make you re-evaluate your own life. I love that. Don't worry-- this will be a no-spoiler viewpoint on the movie. Here are 6 themes of STORKS the Movie.

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


Love is such a good word to describe babies. If you have ever held a niece, nephew, son or daughter you know that you instantly feel an insane amount of love for this baby. They are so pure and special that you can't help but love them. Kelsey Grammer mentioned in our interview that it is really neat that in this movie the purpose of birds is to bring LOVE into lives. The purpose of these babies are for their parents to love them. There is so much love in this movie that it will make you smile.

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


Everyone needs a friend. It really makes life easier when you have someone to hang out with and talk to. Friendship doesn't always starts as friendship, though. Sometimes friendship comes to the most unlikely pairs. I love the process this story takes in creating friendships of different types and how it shows the importance of being a friend to all around you.

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


Storks does a really good job and making a great story driven movie really funny. The humor in this film is awesome. Life is hard and you learn in this movie that it gets easier if you can find a way to laugh through it. We had the opportunity to watch this movie with a theater filled with kids. They laughed all the way through the movie and so did I. You know its a great movie when the kids and adults are both able to laugh and enjoy the movie equally.

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


Family is a huge topic in this movie. Family is so important and I LOVE how they portray it in this story. Often has parents, balance is hard and remembering what is most importance brings the most happiness. Like Stephen Kramer Glickman said in our interview, "Family is what you make it." It can be amazing or sometimes its not. This theme will make you think and it will make you appreciate what you have. The theme of family was one of my favorite topics in this movie.

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


Being a new mom, the references to parenting a new baby are awesome. This movie teaches all about the celebration of being a new parent and truly enjoying it. It isn't easy, there are challenges, but looking back a lot of what you went through will make you laugh. The moments you experience has parents will affect your life and change you. I laughed a lot in these scenes because I am currently living the same scenarios they are experiencing. Seriously, I love being a mom. 🙂

6 themes of STORKS the Movie


I think we all know by now that we are all different. We look different, we act different and we all come in different shapes and sizes. There is a lot of diversity in this movie that can help remind us of being accepting of those around us. I think that this is such an important lesson that kids can learn from and apply as they go to school every day. Being accepting of a person can change them and change you.

I loved this movie. It was filled with heart, humor and many lives lessons. I will be in the front of the line to take my kids to see this movie this weekend. Enjoy the trailer:


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Storks hits theaters tomorrow, September 23, 2016.

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