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5 ways to make Car Shopping Less Stress-ful #CarWeekLA

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Did you know that studies show that only 2 out of 10 Americans LIKE car shopping.  Almost half of those surveyed would rather clean toilets than go car shopping.  I have to say that these statistics are not surprising to me because I have gone car shopping a handful of times and many of those times I would have rather been cleaning my toilets.  This infographic summarizes how many American’s feel about Car Shopping, perfectly.

Taking the stress out of the car shopping experiences makes the world of a difference and can actually make car shopping stress-free and exciting. Buying your first car or a new car is a big step in life and should be exciting.  To help make Car Shopping less stress-ful here are some tips.

5 ways to make Car Shopping Less Stress-ful

5. Allot enough time in your schedule for the complete process of buying a car.  If you are on a deadline or have a meeting you have to make, you will feel stressed and the process will be miserable.

4.  Do your research.  Know what you are looking for so you are able to give the dealership as much information as possible. Ask your friends and family for recommendation, look online for Car Tips and Advice

3.  What are your needs?  Do you need 7 seats?  All Wheel drive? Listing out your needs ahead of time can make the process easier and less stress-ful.

2. Know what you can afford. There is nothing for stress-ful then feeling like you are about to buy a car that is going to make you poor.  Knowing your budget and monthly payment can help your dealership get you into the perfect car for you.

1. Visit Edmunds Car Week Event.  Car Week will connect shoppers in the Los Angeles and New York metro areas to hundreds of local dealers that are offering prices at or below’s* True Market Value®, representing savings that are, on average, thousands of dollars off sticker price.

*Participating dealers will offer no-haggle, up-front pricing on all new car inventory through Edmunds Price Promise, and will feature other offers that best meet the needs of their customers. More details are at’s Car Week Page.

For a stress-free Car Shopping experience, visit the Car Week event June 9-15.

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