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While in Orlando for the Monkey Kingdom Event, I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at an All Star Vacation Home. My parents live in Orlando and we travel out their for vacation and I have always wanted to stay in one of their homes with my family, but I had never had a chance. After this Orlando trip, I recognize that this is my preferred way to travel with kids. Here are 5 reasons you should stay at ‪All Star Vacation Homes‬.

1. Size- Often when you stay in a hotel or motel you have one maybe two rooms. If you are a family of 6 like I am, that can feel very cramped. We have had many hotel stays were everyone is sharing beds or kids are on blankets on the floor because there just isn’t any room. This can get cramped and frustrating. I have found when we don’t have enough space, my kids get grumpier and vacation is harder. At an All Star Vacation Home, you can find the perfect home for your families needs with multiple bedrooms as well as family rooms or backyards so your kids can have their own space. Here are the amazing bedrooms at the house we stayed at:

IMG_7988 IMG_8002



2- Amenities- This is my favorite feature! My kids love to go swimming, but I hate heading down to the pool and having it be crowded with tons of people. At an All Star Vacation home, your pool is private! You don’t have to share with anyone! Plus you are able to pick the perfect home that your whole family will love. How about a pool table? Theater? Backyard with play structure? Here are some features of our home:




3. Peace and Quiet-  This goes two ways for me. Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the people above you were really loud, or the room next to you had a crying baby that kept you up at night? With an All Star Vacation Home, you feel at home and you don’t have to be kept up by other guests. Plus, how often is your kid too loud or your a stressed because you fear they are keeping others up? Being in your own plays, helps your vacation to be as stress free as possible!


4. Kitchen- It can be expensive to have to eat out every meal when you are on vacation. I love that with an All Star Vacation Home, you can quickly go grocery shopping and have everything you need to feed your family. You are able to cook food that you know your family likes and enjoy cooking in such a beautiful kitchen. Your kids can watch a movie in the theater while you are able to cook delicious home cooked meals for the whole family. I loved our kitchen! It was stocked with everything we would need to cook as well as everything you need to eat on.

IMG_7987 IMG_7990
5. Work- Sometimes when you are on vacation you don’t get the convenience of not working. Many of the All Star Vacation Homes have computers and wi-fi so you can still work and stay up to date on your to do list while the kids have plenty of space to be entertained and have fun.

The All Star Vacation Homes offer a beautiful, stress free environment for a vacation! Visit All Star 
Vacation Homes online to see all of the houses that they have for Vacation rentals.
IMG_8009 Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to Orlando for the Monkey Kingdom Event. In return I have agreed to share my experiences with my readers. All opinions are my own. Thank you All Star Vacations for our AMAZING stay!!