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3 Must See M. Knight Shyamalan Films on Netflix #streamteam

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I love suspense filled, mind bending, thrillers.  Who doesn’t love to go to go the movie and get swept away in the twists and turns of a well crafted tale.  The joy of spotting the clues and guessing the twist before the turn, as well as the shock of, “I did not see that coming!”, all make for an exciting and fulfilling cinematic experience.

A film by M. Knight Shyamalan, words that could bring young film enthusiasts to a frenzy at Comic-Con in San Diego in the early 2000’s, Mr. Shyamalan could craft a story that left you guess and reeling through every suspenseful moment.  His films were driven by tangible and deep characters with deep societal questions nuanced among seemingly simple trappings of the films perceived genre.

Sadly, M. Night has not lived up to his billing as the next Steven Spielberg, but his early body of work is still exciting and captivating.  For those not familiar with his earlier films, you are in for a real treat.  For those of us who were early fanboys, well the plot twists won’t surprise you but they are still incredibly fun. Here are three of his film currently offered on Netflix streaming that I recommend seeing:
Normally I would give a brief synopsis, but it is so hard not to spoil the film, I would rather you the audience tell me what you thought of these movies.

 A gripping thriller, dealing with the preservation of innocence and devotion to ones community.  Given the fractured nature of our own society in the U.S., and many societies around the globe, this film feels incredibly relevant today.

 This was M. Knight Shyamalan’s breakout film and still incredible.  It is creepy and chilling, and very thought provoking with regards to those who suffer from mental illness.
1. Unbreakable

 This is my favorite offering that Mr. Shyamalan has made to date.  Set in the comic book/super hero style, it is a fresh and unique take on the genre.  It deals with finding the greatness in ourselves.  Amazing performances, great cinematography, amazing and even at times minimalistic dialog.  This is a must see.
So, grab some popcorn and your favorite movie buddy (if you are easily frightened you may want company) and settle in for some authentic M. Knight Shyamalan at his best.

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