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BigHero6HolidayGiftIDeasI didn’t think it was possible, but this Christmas my kids holiday wish list includes more items from Big Hero 6 than from Frozen! Where I love both movies, I am excited to bring a little more Baymax and Hiro into our home.  We have already seen the movie two times and we no longer can fist bump without it being followed by a Balalala.  🙂  Out of all items on a Holiday Wish List, because the retail items that they are selling are so cute and each of my kids love.


While we were in Los Angeles for the Big Hero 6 Event, we had the opportunity to learn all about Disney Infinity 2.0.  We had the first Disney Infinity so my kids are very familiar with the game play.  Me on the other hand, I had never sat down an played it.  It was really fun being able to learn all about the game and understand why my kids love it so much.  I love that you can play a game with all of your favorite disney characters all in one place.



My kids were especially excited to find out the Baymax and Hiro are now Disney Infinity characters!  Now they can take the adventure that they love in the movie and enjoy them on screen in a video game.  I don’t think I had even been home from my trip for 5 minutes when they were asking if they could play Disney Infinity 2.0.  Baymax has quickly become a favorite character that they are always fighting to see who will get to use it.  🙂


I would recommend shopping quick for Big Hero 6 because I think many Big Hero 6 items will sell out.  Black Friday is coming up this Friday and I will definitely be looking for popular black friday deals. Here are 10 Big Hero 6 Holiday Gift Ideas for you!

10 Big Hero 6 Holiday Gift Ideas 

 1.  Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Starter Kit with Baymax and Hiro Characters.


This is definitely going to be a HOT item these holidays.  There are so many amazing Black Friday deals for Disney Infinity 2.0.  What is Disney Infinity 2.0? “Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring the beloved characters from across the worlds of Disney.”  Your kids (and adults) will love the interactive play with all of your favorite Disney characters.  I recommend picking up some Power Disc’s because they enhance your play by giving you more powers and mini games.   Here is a fun video that shows how Baymax and Hiro can be used in Disney Infinity 2.0.  

2.  Baymax Backpack

There are so many fun styles of backpacks for Big Hero 6.  The one pictured above is one that we received from our press trip.  They are perfect for taking to school or using for a weekend trip.  Your kids will love to show off their Big Hero 6 backpack whether at school or a day on the town.  I love that the different styles a perfect for boys and girls of all ages.  My sons prefer the Baymax backpacks but my daughter loves anything with Honey Lemon on it.  🙂

3.  Big Hero 6 Notebooks


My daughter loves writing stories and drawing pictures so every Christmas my kids always notebooks and pens so they can write their stories.  The Big Hero 6 story really encourages creativity and imagination so what better way to share your stories than in a Big Hero 6 notebook.

4.  Baymax Pencil Case


If your kids are going to be writing Big Hero 6 inspired stories, then there is no better place to store your pencils than in a Baymax pencil case.  🙂

5. Baymax Puzzle


My kids LOVE puzzles.  Every Christmas all of my kids get puzzles and we spend time Christmas Day doing puzzles.  Seriously, this Baymax puzzle is super cute.  My 6 year old son especially loves puzzles so this one is good for that age group.  Its easy enough for ages 6 up but enjoyable for all ages.  This is the perfect size to stick into the top of your kids stocking.

6. Baymax Vinyl Figure


These Vinyl figures are really fun.  They are available for all of the characters of Big Hero 6.    My husband was really excited about this piece because he collects new in box Disney items for his desk at work.  I would highly check out the Fred Vinyl figure, too, because it seriously is the coolest ever.  🙂

7.  Big Hero 6 PlushBigHero6Plush    Big Hero 6 Plush is available for all of your favorite characters. You can get plush in larger sizes at the Disney Store.  My kids have already requested those.  These mini plush are perfect for your kids to take on the go and they fit perfectly in a stocking.

8.  Hiro and TadashiHiroandTadashiBook This is such a great book.  There relationship in the movie is so important and really tugs and your emotions.  I love being able to dive into their relationship in this story.  I think books make such great holiday gifts that your kids will love again and again.  “In this tech-tastic picture book, meet the Hamada brothers, Hiro and Tadashi. Technology geniuses, robot builders, and San Fransokyo Ninjas fans, the brothers decide to band together to make the most awesome invention ever!” This book is available at the Disney Store.

9. Baymax Plush


Almost every single person that I talk to loved Big Hero 6 and says that Baymax is there favorite character.  I agree with them because he is so cute and very huggable.  Its amazing the love and bond you can feel for a robot. That is a sign of good story telling.  There are multiple styles and sizes of Baymax  plush. This one is really fun because it has him in his “super hero” costume but I would also recommend checking out the original Baymax Plush at the Disney Store.

10.  Big Hero 6 Action Figures


These action figures are available for all of your favorite Big Hero 6 characters.  Personally, I think it would be fun to collect all of them so your child can re-inact the story over and over again.  My kids love these characters and I fell they encourage imagination.  My sons will re-live the story as the characters fight each other.  I love toys that encourage imagination.


There are so many great Big Hero 6 items these holidays.  Whether you are looking for bedding, t-shirts, plush, toys, or accessories you can find them at many of the stores near you.  For lots of awesome Big Hero 6 toys all in one place, I recommend checking out your local Disney Store or Disney Store Online. They will be having lots of great prices on Black Friday so make sure and check them out.

In between all of your Holiday shopping, don’t forget to visit the theaters during this long holiday weekend to watch Big Hero 6 in theaters!

*I received Big Hero 6 items featured above as a review and a Thank You for visiting LA for the Big Hero 6 Event.  All opinions are my own.