October 23, 2013

Wolfgang Puck Novopro Oven by Kitchentek Review

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I love to cook, bake, grill, bbq, smoke, slow cook, you name it.  I also love gadgets and technology.  It is exciting to find a technology that allows me to better create in the kitchen.  Food is performance art. As a professional filmmaker I love to create emotion in my audiences through an audio/visual experience.  Likewise, cooking for a group, or even myself, is about creating a paletal experience that creates emotion.  Let me introduce you to a piece of kitchen tech that has both increased the joy I find in creating a meal as well as increasing the paletal experience for my guests.  It is the Wolfgang Puck Novopro Oven by Kitchentek.  I received a Wolfgang Puck Novopro Oven for review.  All opinions are my own.

The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven  has just hit the market and its amazing!  It’s a countertop oven that can also bake, roast, broil, warm, toast, reheat, and rotisserie. (Essentially, it could replace your oven, microwave and toaster.) The pressure technology allows for food that is infused with more flavor AND many foods cook in 1/3 the time…which is perfect with Thanksgiving turkery-time around the corner :)  It can be used to cook meats, veggies, baked goods, and more.   More flavor AND 1/3 the time.  Thats win/win! 
Check out the time that you save with these different foods:
Full size Poultry has best time savings – cooks 3 x faster
·         Other large meats – cooks 2 x faster
·         Chicken breasts cook about 2x faster
·         Frozen Chicken breasts cook 30% faster
·         Side dishes – about 20 – 30% time savings
·         Baked goods – 20 – 30% time savings.
So what is so great about a countertop oven you ask?!  This oven uses a sealed, low pressure environment with even heat distribution to more effectively cook your food.  Sounds fancy right?!  It is!  This system of cooking in low pressure, sealed environment allows for drastically shortend cooking times (which saves energey and money!) and rich flavor and moisture in your food.

Our first test with our Wolfgang Puck Oven was making Rotisserie Chicken. 

They aren’t kidding. Rotisserie chicken cooks 3 times faster!  The chicken came out delicious, moist, juicy and full of the most delicious flavor! The best part, was that it was so easy to do. 
We used this delicious, moist Rotisserie Chicken to make delicious Chicken Tacos:
As well as Chicken Nachos.  (Which we then cooked in the Wolfgang Puck Oven.) My wife and I love to have Nacho date night, so we will use this often to make our Nachos.  The cooked quickly, easily and tasted delicious!
We have also used our Oven to make my wives Worlds Easiest Fluffy Biscuit Recipe. They cooked fast and even and were delicious.  The nice thing about the Wolfgang Puck Oven is that we were able to re-heat these biscuits in the oven the next day for dinner.  

Like I said, cooking is performance art.  Food is a great way to create lasting powerful memories.  Especially the auroma of food can conjure old memories and feelings.  Like the smell of a roasting turkey brings warm feelings of Fall, family, and holiday traditions.  I have cooked a lot of turkeys over the years, it is always a great adventure and brings me great satisfactions.  I look forward to being able to incorporate the Wolfgang Puck Oven into this years Thanksgiving Festivities.  I know it will get used a lot between Turkey, Rolls, Pies and more.

 We love the Wolfgang Puck Novopro Oven by Kitchentek and use it often.  It has now 100% replaced our oven and our microwave.  It is so easy to store in our pantry and takes up not a lot of space but is so easy and quick to pull out whenever we need it.  Being a busy parent of 4 kids, I love the idea of an oven that performs this well.  An oven that cooks amazing, flavorful food, in less time.  With my busy lifestyle, I am grateful for all the time I can save!

The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven is available for purchase on Amazon.

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