August 28, 2013

Room on the Broom Review and Giveaway

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I love books.  We have a large bookshelf in our “reading nook” with all of our family favorites.  I am very drawn to children’s books for their beautiful artwork and innocent stories.  I received Room on the Broom Book and DVD for review.  All opinions are my own. 

All year round, there are special months, weeks and days to celebratebut is there anything more rewarding than sharing time with family?  August is Family Fun Month and a good time to consider putting aside the many things that interfere with quality family time to celebrate the joy of being together with family… and friends too!  A perfect time to pick up a book and read together, or snuggle on the couch for a family movie night.  Two of my favorite things to do! 
I got asked to review this Room on the Broom set, to celebrate the August 6th DVD release of the multiple award-winning half-hour animated family film, Room on the Broom, from NCircle Entertainment. I will be completely honest with you.  The number one reason I agreed to do this room was because of the cover art. I judged a book by its cover.  I loved the bright colors, adorable design and characters and it made me excited to add the book to my collection.  I just had to open that the story was as good as the art work.  I was very familiar with The Gruffalo, so I didn’t have any doubts about the story. 

Room on the Broom is filled with humor and adventure, and teaches the importance of family, friends and teamwork!  It is a really fun, rhyming story that my kids have already asked me to read again and again.  I enjoy it because it is written in such a fun way, with great characters so I can get my story voice on and have a lot of fun with it! :)
I love the artwork.  I think it is beautiful.  The character designs are unique and a lot of fun and the colors are bright, exciting and help tell the story. 
They do a good job using the picture to help tell the story.  The colors change and the style changing to depict different moods.  I really like the style of the illustrations in this book.  I know that I have said it already, but Room on the Broom is a winner.  The story is excellent, it is well written in rhyming style, the illustrations are beautiful and fun to look at.  This is a great book to be added to everyones collection.  I am very happy for the opportunity I received to review it.
I also had the opportunity to review the Room on the Broom DVD. This DVD is based on the #1 best-selling children’s picture book in America, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, the same author and illustrator team that created the critically acclaimed The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child.  I loved being able to review this along side the book.  I recommend buying the book and the dvd.  Read the book first, then watch the DVD. Here is why.  The DVD is the same story as the book, just animated.  I love it, though because you are able to get more of a back story and also get to know the characters in the stories personalities better.  For example, when cat is feeling selfish and not wanting bird to join in, you can tell his emotions in the movie where you don’t get that in a book.  You can feel through their experiences that they are learning the importance of helping each other, working together and friendship. This is a fun DVD where kids can laugh, learn and enjoy.

To make a costume:
You can create the costume using a black top, skirt and tights, or even a black trash bag!  Cut out the head hole and arms, then try on the bag for size to see how much of the bag to cut.  Cut the bottom of the trash bag off in zig zags or v-shapes. The part of the bag that was cut off can be used for the belt, or use some rope.  Add black plastic over any pair of shoes!

Mini Witch Broom

You can go here for other Room on the Broom Activities.

Planning ahead for Halloween gifts?

 Although the Room on the Broom book is not a traditional Halloween story, it is Penguin Publishing’s best-selling Halloween title, selling over 500,000 copies in 2011/2012.  So stock up on Room on the Broom to share with your friends and family!  Room on the Broom Book and Room on the Broom DVD is available on Amazon.

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To Celebrate taking time for family, one lucky Momsreview4you Reader will win the Room on the Broom DVD!

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