March 31, 2014

Our Most Popular Easter Posts- Easter Crafts and Recipe Round-Up

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EasterRoundUpsCan you believe that Easter is just a few weeks away?  I am still in shock that tomorrow is April.  Seriously, life seems to go faster year after year.  Although, I must say, we still have snow in the forecast so weather wise, i’m having a hard time believing that spring is here!  Even so, its time to get crafting, decorating and baking for the spring season!  Yay!  Here is a round-up of our most popular spring crafts.

Easter Crafts and Recipe Round-up


Easter Egg Ornament Tree


Sharpie Easter Eggs

Sharpie Easter Eggs


Easter Egg Hunt Brownie Cups

Easter DisplayDSC_0122DSC_0124


Easter Table Setting and Centerpiece


Glittered Easter Candy Jar


To Some Bunny Special Gift


Easter Carrot Paper Garland


Painted Easter Mason Jar


Easter Egg Garland



Happy Easter!


  1. Looks like some fun stuff here. THat Easter Garland is really cute!!! I need to decorate, I am slacking this year!

  2. Those are really cute Easter ideas. Easter is so late this year, I’m glad because I like for it to be warm and have green grass for Easter egg hunts.

  3. What fun Easter ideas! Love them. Cannot wait to try a few.

  4. My boyfriend loves sharpie-ing easter eggs! Thats what we did last year with the little ones!

  5. This is a wonderful round-up! I love all of the ideas, especially the Easter Egg Hunt Brownie Cups – simple, cute, and delicious! :)

  6. What a great round-up of Easter ideas!

  7. Why haven’t I thought about doing a sharpie egg before? So simple lol

  8. Great idea! Love that Easter is a little later in the spring this year.

  9. Oh so many fun Easter activities to try! I love the Egg tree!

  10. You have had so many great Easter posts. They are all so cute.

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    These are all so cute! I love the carrot paper garland so much!!

  12. I love them all! Makes me want to have an Easter party!! Such creative ideas.

  13. Love the Easter Egg Hunt Brownie Cups! They’re so cute and I bet they’re tasty.

  14. Such fun ideas. Just thinking about Easter makes my teeth ache :) All that candy! That being said, now I want to make those brownie cups, but I think I’ll do it with chocolate cupcakes!

  15. Ohh how fun.. I love Ester Decor.. thanks for sharing, Loved the Tulips on teh table.. my favorite ..

  16. These are the cutest Easter ideas! Going to try it later!

  17. Mmmm, some very good ideas there. Easter is just around the corner too. Always one of my most favorite holidays.

  18. Can’t believe how face Easter is coming! I am so behind! Thanks for the round up. I needed it.

  19. Easter is decorating is so much fun! I like to do general decor so I can let it displayed until summer!

  20. I definitely agree, this year is going by so fast! I cannot believe it’s April 1st already and before you know it, Easter will be here. These are some fantastic crafts to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

  21. I love it! So much creativity in just one post! Definitely saving this for later.

  22. Thanks for sharing these great projects. I love decorating for Easter!

  23. I love the Sharpie egg idea. So genius

  24. what cute suggestions – you are very creative!

  25. I love all your ideas. The Place setting wrapped as a carrot is too cute!

  26. These are super cute. 😀 I love the egg.

  27. Easter crafts are so much fun!!

  28. You’ve been a busy bee! I still need to make that carrot garland! So cute!

  29. Oh I love the carrot garland!

  30. I wish we had an indoor plant to add some hanging eggs to! My cats are monsters when it comes to living plants.

  31. What a cute collection! I really like the centerpiece with the Peeps – I made something similar one year and loved how it looked on my table.

  32. Those Sharpie eggs are so cute! My little guy definitely can’t hold an egg gently enough for that, but I might have to make a few.

  33. I love so many of these craft ideas! I admit, I don’t generally do much for Easter, other than color eggs and make an Easter dinner, but I might give a couple of these a try.

  34. These are all such awesome ideas!

  35. I love the carrot napkins and garland! So cute.

  36. You are so creative! I love the garlands and the Easter brownie cups

  37. I love easter crafts

  38. I love all your crafts! I am a big believe in getting creative.

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