May 3, 2012

Joovy Ultralight Caboose Double Stroller Review

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When it comes to strollers, it is so important to find a stroller that really works for you.  For me, It needs to drive well, be comfortable, have adequate storage, lightweight, and have room for my growing family.  Now that I have a toddler and a baby, it is important for me that my stroller has room that they can both be in it at the same time without any problem.  My 3 year old still gets tired of walking and I needed an easy solution where I could go on walks with my youngest and if my son got tired he could sit down for awhile.  I have had two double strollers in the past with my older kids.  I despised both of them because they were incredibly heavy, hard to drive and bulky.  I felt like I was driving around an extended stroller that was so long that I would hit everyone in my path.  In the end, I hardly ended up taking it with me because it just ended up being a frustrating pain.
I was introduced to Joovy about 4 months ago, and since then have had the chance to use their Bicycoo, Foocot, Cocoon and now the Ultralight Caboose double stroller.  With every one of their products I was 150% impressed with!
My husband and I both agree that the Joovy Ultralight Caboose double stroller is by far the best stroller that we have ever owned, and we have owned a lot of strollers over the last 9 years!  
Joovy has such a fun color selection for their strollers!  My husband didn’t hesitate in wanting the Orangie color.  If you know anything about my family, we are HUGE giants fans!  Having an orange and black stroller just seemed appropriate!  :)

 It is so important that a stroller is comfortable for my child.  We recently moved to Utah and we love going on walks by the river.  We tend to going on this walk almost every day, so if my baby isn’t comfortable than the walk could be miserable!  My daughter loves her stroller.  It is very comfortable with lots of room.  I love that it has a shoulder harness so my daughter at 8 months can ride without problem.  I think the smile tells all!  :)

Storage is definitely important in a stroller.  When we are going on walks, I always have my diaper bag as well as waters and snacks.  The Caboose has a large storage bag with side pockets and I have found that I have always had plenty of room to store all of my items as well as jackets or sweatshirts that get stuffed in their during the ride.

The shade on the stroller is incredible.  It is one of the highest selling points for me.  My last stroller, when I would go out for a walk, my daughter was always in the sun going in one direction.  This stroller features an oversized canopy which is large enough to provide shade to both of my kids!

 My daughter is getting to the age that she can start eating little snacks.  The tray allows a place for my daughter to have little toys or snacks along the ride or when we stop.

 When I first moved here, two months ago, we went on a walk and I had my single stroller that I was pushing my daughter in and my son decided that he was tired and didn’t want to walk any longer.  He literally sat down in the middle of the trail.  That was the most exhausting walk home because I pushed our bulky stroller home with my three year old on my back.  I was desperate to find a double stroller that allowed him to walk when he wanted but ride when he got tired.  Most of the double strollers that I found that are similar to the Joovy didn’t have handles for my child, a seat belt, or sunshade.  These are huge plusses in my book.

This stroller has large, sealed ball bearing wheels that give your child a super smooth ride.  I loved how easy it is to push.  With our other double strollers once both kids were in, I could barely push because it was so heavy.  The Caboose Ultralight is easy to push and easy to steer.  My husband can even push both kids in the stroller with one hand as he holds my hand with his other hand!!

 We have a three row SUV that we drive for our car which means that it has very little trunk space.  I was so surprised by how small the Joovy Caboose Ultralight folded up.  It is very compact and fit perfectly in our trunk with plenty of room for diaper bags, or other items we need when we go out.  It is so lightweight, at just 21 pounds it easy so easy to pick up and store when needed.

This really is the best stroller that we have ever owned.  It fits our needs perfectly and hits every single one of the features that we think a double stroller should have.  We will never use another double stroller after this.  My husband even agreed that he has never pushed a stroller that was so easy to push with such a smooth ride and he isn’t one to make claims like that.  For storage, comfort, style, ease, and more, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller is #1 in our book!
You can purchase this awesome stroller online at the Joovy website.  To stay up to date with Joovy follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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