February 5, 2013

Fun Soda Valentine Ideas! *FREE PRINTABLE*

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Last year my kids wanted to do cereal boxes for their valentines!
This year they wanted to do Soda!Here is what I came up with….loving it!

I am adding all of the free printables for the labels.

All you have to do is click on the image to enlarge it and then
right click on the image and save or print!

I printed them on card stock.

Here is “hey squirt -wanna be my valentine?”

Here is “i have a crush on you” in orange

 Here is “i have a crush on you” in purple

Here is “i have a crush on you” in red

Here is “YooHoo-wanna be my valentine?”
for those yoohoo chocolate milk drink :)

Hope you enjoy!

Have a great Valentines!

Edited 1/23/14-
Per request…
I have created a printable that says “Who is your Crush”
hope you enjoy :)!!!

***Added 2/11/14- It has been so fun to see how many times 
these have been pinned.  It sure makes a girl feel good!!
I added some red ones for those who bought strawberry or cherry!
You really could use these for kids, co-workers, spouses, whatever!


  1. How do I change the size it is printing out really small.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi! These are so cool, but my boys want to change it to say, " Who is your crush?" with their name, as they are embarrassed to say the other!!! HAHA!!!! Do you know how I can go in and edit these, or is that not allowed? Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My 11 year old son LOVED this idea! Thanks for sharing! So cute! We printed the &quot;Who is your CRUSH&quot; version as well. So thanks for that option as well :)<br />

  4. These are ADORABLE!!!

  5. These are so cute!!!

  6. These are so so so cute!!!!!!

  7. These are so fun Carly. My daughter would love to get a few of those for sure!

  8. How cute! I love the Yahoo ones, and since my husband loves grape Crush, I have to print out that one for him. :)

  9. love the printables! what a cute idea.

  10. Love this idea!!

  11. What a cute Valentine treat!

  12. These would be cute for office treats as well for someone who works.

  13. i like these for co-workers rather than kids but the idea is really adorable.

  14. Thank you my leadership class with be selling these at lunch to our 2000+ student body. Any chance you could one in pink for cream soda? Thank you!!!!

  15. Cant find the print link??

  16. Anonymous says:

    i love it too cute thanks for sharing

  17. Hello! My boys love the &quot;Who&#39;s Your Crush?&quot; ones too! Anyway you have the red one for the strawberry CRUSH?

  18. Would love a red one for Strawberry Crush as well!!! Thanks SOOO Much!!! These are great!!!

  19. Would LOVE a pink and red for the cherry and strawberry crushes I just bought! !:)

  20. These are awesome! My 11 year old is so excited to use them!!

  21. Thank you! My kids are going to love this in their lunches tomorrow!

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