April 7, 2012

Fannie May perfect basket stuffer, Solid Chocolate Bunnies & Eggs

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One of my favorite things about Easter is having an Easter egg hunt with my kids!  We dye Easter eggs as well as use plastic eggs.  I love to fill the plastic eggs with chocolates, coins, erasers and many other small items. This year, our easter eggs are filled with Fannie May solid chocolate bunnies and eggs.  I must confess, though, I did try some for myself and they are delicious and so full of flavor!  I am a choc-o-holic so I love finding delicious chocolate treats that make a family tradition so much fun!
Whether are looking for an item to fill your easter eggs with you to keep them in their container to make a perfect stuffer for Easter baskets, the Solid chocolate  bunnies and eggs are delicious and so colorful!  I love the colored foil because Easter baskets are just fun when they are full with so many treats and colors!
Want to win some Fannie May treats?  One winner will receive Solid Chocolate Bunnies & Eggs.  Note:  prize may be replaced with Fanny May treats of Equal or greater value!

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