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March 27, 2015

5 Tips for hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt


This post is sponsored by Personal Creations.  All opinions are my own. I love Easter Egg Hunts.  They drive my husband crazy.  Every year, I would drag my husband (kids went willingly) to the city Easter Egg hunt and every year it was packed with thousands of kids and no parking. Every year it was stressful and frustrating and the eggs went so fast that we would end up with just a few for each kid. They always had fun but we quickly learned … [Continue reading...]

March 27, 2015

Disney’s Frozen Matching Game Review


I was given the Disney Frozen Matching Game from Wonder Forge for review. All opinions are my own. My children (like most) still are in love with everything FROZEN. As a Mom, I love the beautiful story of friendship, love and not giving up on each other.  My youngest daughter especially loves the characters and fanatically watches it multiple times each week. I knew it would make her day to have a Frozen game that would be simple enough for … [Continue reading...]

March 26, 2015

Wake up Happy with GoodNites* TRU-FIT* #WALMARTTRUFIT


I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for GoodNites* TRU-FIT*. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. It really is amazing how much happier you can wake up when you get a good night sleep.  When my kids would wet the bed at night, they would wake up during the night frustrated and embarrassed. Sometimes they would be so embarrassed that they wouldn't even come tell and try to take care of … [Continue reading...]

March 25, 2015

Celebrating Spring with a Peanuts Giveaway!


This post is sponsored by Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  all opinions are my own. Spring is finally here and that is definitely a reason to CELEBRATE!  I love Spring.  The weather is perfect this time of year and the flowers are starting to bloom.  I would be content with Spring weather all year round.  Maybe I need to move to California!  :)  I'm excited to share with you some really cute Spring printables that I'm sure your kids will love!  I … [Continue reading...]

March 25, 2015

Inside Out themed Egg Decorating Directions


These are seriously the cutest eggs!  If you are looking for a creative movie themed Egg this year, then these Inside Out themed Eggs are such a fun idea!  I am really looking forward to this movie.  It looks really cute.  My kids have had us watch the trailer about a million times.  They are going to be excited when I show them these cute Easter eggs!  Click on any of the photos to download the directions provided by Disney and tips for these … [Continue reading...]

March 24, 2015

22 Easter Recipes made with Peeps


Easter is just weeks away which means its time to start baking! I hopped on Pinterest today and searched "Easter Peeps Recipes" and man, there are some creative desserts out there! Peeps seem to be the kind of treat that you either love or hate. Me, I love them. I think that it is because my dad loved them growing up and so we always received them every easter. Because my dad loved them, I loved them. To this day, Peeps remind me of being a kid! … [Continue reading...]

March 23, 2015

Better for you Banana Bread Recipe


This Banana Bread is SO good. I finally made a Banana Bread that is "Better for You" but tastes like its not. The only problem is, that it tastes so good, that I can't stop eating it.  But I guess that would be more of a problem if they weren't better for you. :)  I love Banana Bread but I am very picky with it. I like my banana bread to taste like bananas.  There is so often that it tastes really good, but it just doesn't taste like bananas but … [Continue reading...]

March 23, 2015

Check out the new Gillette Venus Swirl Razor + #NewVenusSwirl Giveaway!


This post is sponsored by She Speaks and Gillette Venus.  All opinions are my own. It is springtime now which means that it is officially time to start thinking about swimsuit season and shaving our legs again. You aren't tricking me, I know that many of you are just like me and don't shave quite as often during the winter.  Other then when I am going on a date or to a special event where I have to wear a dress, I often hide my unshaved legs … [Continue reading...]

March 23, 2015

Disneynature’s MONKEY KINGDOM Activity Pack #MonkeyKingdom


I love the movies that Disneynature produces. My kids could spend hours watching and learning about animals that they really only have experience seen at a zoo.  They are fascinated by seeing them in the wild, learning how they really live and imagining that they are there with them.  It really is amazing the video that they are able to capture. On April 17th you can watch Disneynature’s newest feature, MONKEY KINGDOM, in theaters.  Disneynature … [Continue reading...]

March 23, 2015

Southern California Vacation Giveaway!

southern California vacation giveaway

We are just a few weeks away from spring break.  Whenever I think of spring break I think of going on vacation!  I love going on vacations with my family.  There is nothing better then spending time with the ones I love in a new location.  It doesn't have to be a far getaway.  Often we are just visiting a city near us, but a getaway is so wonderful.  The getaway that I will be sharing with you today, though, is such an amazing one! I have … [Continue reading...]

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